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  2. This is, without a doubt, one of the most profound perspectives I've read in quite some time.
  3. Yeah I wouldn't be submissive to a manager at work. Now I have to do what they tell me to do because I don't want to be fired but doing what they tell me to do doesn't make me submissive to them right? This Camp leader person you're talking about, I know he can send you home and that's like a normal consequence but would you submit to being spanked by him if that was allowed? That's a whole other level of submission that's way more deep than submitting by doing something he told you to do.
  4. I need to change the title of this topic but I don't know how to . Pookie you really had me thinking about it being a gift we give to someone. Never thought of that but yes I see what you mean. It is a gift and should be appreciated by the person you give it to.
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  6. The way it is supposed to work out tis that you are submissive to anybody higher up the ladder (aka food chain) than you., and everybody below you does the same to you. Plus it is good manners to respect someone you just met for the first time. That doesnt mean everybody higher up the ladder is entitled to spank you! Submitting is a very powerful gift, and only you can give that gift to somebody else. If it is taken, or forced, then its not submitting at all.
  7. I've never felt like anyone has used my submissive nature against me but I suppose that's possible. It could happen and I might not even know it. You said you wouldn't be submissive to a manager at work oh but you still have to do what she tells you to do. I guess it's not the same as submitting to a parent. I guess I'm not really submissive to just anyone. At camp we have counselors and we have the camp leader. The Camp leader is the only one who can punish us by sending us home so I am submissive to him for that reason but also because he's super authoritative but in a nice way.
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  9. Maybe your mom is going on the bond that you and Jimdad had built going into the engagement/wedding? I know the two of you were talking over things and it seemed to help when the actual wedding day and "new" family came to be full-time. Seeing that y'all got along so well and seemed to be in a good place, she has let things go accordingly?
  10. Mom accepts me for who I am for the most part. The honeymoon isn't over between her and Jimdad (dad #2) so she doesn't say anything about him spanking me. I know that's odd for a mother to not have anything to say about her new husband spanking her teen daughter but that's how it is. A couple of my friends asked me how mom felt about that and I told them what I told you. You can be a strong woman and still be submissive. Being submissive doesn't mean you let people mistreat you.
  11. Love this explanation and clarification Anna....and agree with you....although for me the only person with that authority was my father, but I think I can understand the way you feel better now.
  12. Both really but 'those in authority' is too broad for me. I feel like I should submit to my parents, grandparents, teachers, and people who care about me and who guide me, but not be submissive to a boss at work or to someone who might use it against me. Also I don't mean being submissive in a way that allows a stranger to punish me. Some people assume that when you are talking about being submissive, you're basically offering yourself for punishment to anyone in control but that's not the kind of submission I'm talking about. For me to submit to someone in that way, I have to have total respect for them. That takes time and effort. I talked on the forum about Jimdad and how we developed a relationship last year before he married mom, and how I developed respect for him and trusted him. Then we had a trip together to Aspen last December where we really bonded. It's that respect and trust that we developed that helps me to submit to him now.
  13. You have a great attitude, Anna.
  14. What exactly does it mean to be submissive in this context? Are we talking being submissive to God or submissive to those in authority over you, or both? To the Christian, submission isn't a weakness, it's a strength. Humility is virtue. Pride is a vice. We live in a prideful world, full of people who boast about themselves to the point of making other prideful people, sick to their stomachs. At the risk of being prideful, I'm proud of your girls. You're very refreshing.
  15. This! There is NOTHING wrong with being submissive to people like that, if you CHOOSE to be. When you are 14, going over dads knee for a spanking can be one of the worst moments in your life. It is almost impossible for that 14yo to understand than when she is 18, she is still going to be spanked and she will be okay with that. But then when you are 14, it feels like 18 is never gonna arrive!
  16. Oh this is a good subject that me and thee can probably talk a lot about. Complicated, interesting, thought-provoking, and difficult to talk about in just any social media place. So how does your mom feel about your attitude? My mom has developed an attitude of the future is female and I need to jump on board and be stronger and more assertive.
  17. They went crazy here so now 2 weeks later we are at the red level for COVID 19 I hope in the next 2 weeks it comes down
  18. The truth is that the protests didn't make much difference. The northern states had more severe restrictions and so controlled the spread more effectively.
  19. Actually it's a very simple explanation. During the protests many more people stayed home hence there were fewer exposures. And while the protesters did expose themselves to other people, apparently the risk of infection outdoors is not as great as it is indoors.
  20. We have 445 cases in my county. There are 27,000 in Houston. Problem in my county is that there are a lot of elderly people who are at high risk. So I accept the quarantine because it makes it safer for the elderly.
  21. It didn't disappear. It's still around during lockdowns but doesn't spread so fast. Countries like Germany who have effective trace and track systems have fared much better
  22. I just do not get this virus we shut down for 2 months may be a bit longer and the curve got flat so we reopened and now it is back so where does it go when we are all home ?
  23. Do you think maybe its because there's more restrictions in NY? Its hard to catch something when you don't get to go someplace to catch it.
  24. How then do you account for it going down in places like NY where there have been many more protests
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