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    This is my background image for my club. I don't know if you can actually see this image in the background, but anyhow it needs some explaining. You see I'm not afraid of being submissive. Not afraid of being submissive to God, my mom, Jimdad, some of the people at my church, and some others in my life. I don't see it as an affront to my being a woman. I can be a woman of integrity, power, and all the other things women aspire to, and still be submissive. I believe you have to be submissive to someone, or your just fooling yourself into thinking you have power over everything in your life. Nobody has that power. When I get spanked, that super submissive side of me comes out. Not completely sure why, because I'm a woman, I'm 18, and I can refuse a spanking anytime I want. But I wouldn't because I don't want to. Instead I go the other direction and become submissive. I can't imagine being more cooperative than I am, more willing to accept responsibility for why I'm being spanked, and to take my medicine. I think the world wants us to think that attitude is wrong. The world wants me to be a powerful woman, maybe a little angry, a little arrogant, and a lot of sass. But who really wants to be the person that others want us to be? I want to be an individual. I want to march to my own band. I want to make my world a happy one where I can be me and if being me means I'm submissive, then I think that's ok, Thanks for listening.
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    This! There is NOTHING wrong with being submissive to people like that, if you CHOOSE to be. When you are 14, going over dads knee for a spanking can be one of the worst moments in your life. It is almost impossible for that 14yo to understand than when she is 18, she is still going to be spanked and she will be okay with that. But then when you are 14, it feels like 18 is never gonna arrive!
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    Both really but 'those in authority' is too broad for me. I feel like I should submit to my parents, grandparents, teachers, and people who care about me and who guide me, but not be submissive to a boss at work or to someone who might use it against me. Also I don't mean being submissive in a way that allows a stranger to punish me. Some people assume that when you are talking about being submissive, you're basically offering yourself for punishment to anyone in control but that's not the kind of submission I'm talking about. For me to submit to someone in that way, I have to have total respect for them. That takes time and effort. I talked on the forum about Jimdad and how we developed a relationship last year before he married mom, and how I developed respect for him and trusted him. Then we had a trip together to Aspen last December where we really bonded. It's that respect and trust that we developed that helps me to submit to him now.
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    What exactly does it mean to be submissive in this context? Are we talking being submissive to God or submissive to those in authority over you, or both? To the Christian, submission isn't a weakness, it's a strength. Humility is virtue. Pride is a vice. We live in a prideful world, full of people who boast about themselves to the point of making other prideful people, sick to their stomachs. At the risk of being prideful, I'm proud of your girls. You're very refreshing.
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    We have 445 cases in my county. There are 27,000 in Houston. Problem in my county is that there are a lot of elderly people who are at high risk. So I accept the quarantine because it makes it safer for the elderly.
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    Well I found out yesterday that all of our missions are postponed so it looks like I won't be doing that this fall after all. Virus cases are up in Texas as some of you know. I don't know what I'm going to do this fall but when one door closes, God opens another door. Be positive!
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    Remember too that while case numbers are up hospitalizations are down! The case numbers can be very misleading because more testing is becoming available. There are a lot of people being tested who are positive but asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic. At least that is what is happening where I live.
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    I've never felt like anyone has used my submissive nature against me but I suppose that's possible. It could happen and I might not even know it. You said you wouldn't be submissive to a manager at work oh but you still have to do what she tells you to do. I guess it's not the same as submitting to a parent. I guess I'm not really submissive to just anyone. At camp we have counselors and we have the camp leader. The Camp leader is the only one who can punish us by sending us home so I am submissive to him for that reason but also because he's super authoritative but in a nice way.
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    Maybe your mom is going on the bond that you and Jimdad had built going into the engagement/wedding? I know the two of you were talking over things and it seemed to help when the actual wedding day and "new" family came to be full-time. Seeing that y'all got along so well and seemed to be in a good place, she has let things go accordingly?
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    Oh this is a good subject that me and thee can probably talk a lot about. Complicated, interesting, thought-provoking, and difficult to talk about in just any social media place. So how does your mom feel about your attitude? My mom has developed an attitude of the future is female and I need to jump on board and be stronger and more assertive.
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