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  1. Presumably all plans are paused for the foreseeable future but I'm curious about where you would have gone on missions and what you would have done there had It not been for the pandemic.
  2. My own parents are happily married but I have many friends who have divorced parents. I think the expectations differ dramatically depending on the circumstances of the family. Some of my friends treat their stepparent nearly equally to their biological parents, with others the dynamic is very different. I think there's so many variables to it. A stepparent joining the family when the children are young is going to be much more involved in raising them than if they joined as a teenager. It's also going to depend on what role the biological parents have in their children's lives. One of my best friends views her stepdad more as her dad than her actual dad (who is alive) because he's the one who has been there for her. Her older sister just got married and it was their stepdad who gave her away. But if the biological parents are decent people who are still very much involved in their children's lives, then I think it's really important for stepparents to understand that and not try to make it some tug of war for affection or loyalty. In that case, I think the biological parents should still be the ones setting the rules and the stepparent more in a guiding role and if necessary an enforcer. Unless the biological parents are making decisions that are completely irrational, the stepparent should align with them as much as possible so there's stability.
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