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  1. Anna, I also applaud you. You know in your heart that right now spankings work for you. If it's not broken, don't fix it. Like Jonathon said, you're really only adding one month with a bull's eye on your bottom. Maybe you will keep your halo shiny the entire time so it won't matter.
  2. Anna, I'm sorry you got in trouble again. It can be hard to adjust to a new dad with new rules, especially regarding boys. It may feel like he wants to know too much about the boys you see, but ir is only because he cares about you and he wants to keep you safe. i hope the "talk" with him in your room wasn't too horrible and you're okay now.
  3. Anna, I'm sorry you got spanked. I think you knew would happen eventually, but it's not easy when it finally does. You both handled it well. You cooperated and Jim stayed calm while not spanking you too hard. I hope that was your one and only spanking, but if you get it again at least you will know better what to expect. Hopefully this will bring you and Jim closer as you continue this new chapter of your lives together with your mom.
  4. I am very happy for you, Anna. I am glad the wedding went well and your mom and dad are safely back home from their honeymoon. Jim sounds like a great man who clearly wants to be your dad in every way. I wish you all a long and blessed life together as a family.
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