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  1. I would feel embarrassed to talk with my parents about stuff like this on the forum. Moreover I don't want make them disappointed that they might do things wrong. It's not that I complain much, but not sure if this would destroy our family harmony...although there're disagreements, different views, punishments, ... but I love my parents after all.
  2. To give some statement about this. I don't see any problems to wear things like that. You need that freedom with your body, especially the legs to make the neccessary movements. We girls don't have issues and I think parents should see it the same way.
  3. Wow we have 5 pages about a single piece of human clothes as a topic...even political and daily life stuff don't have that attention...
  4. I would throw my shoes at you...lol. How can a boy come in such a situation by accident? That's a typical guy-excuse.
  5. P...s must have some kind of fascinations to people.
  6. Fear is probably the wrong word...it's hard to describe...fear would mean a lot of resistance.
  7. I hate spiders and bees... oh and is there something like a spankophobia?
  8. I find playing games on a mobile phone annoying...I better play on a console...there you have good directional buttons and not like with your phone just your fingers lol.
  9. Or when dates go into the wrong direction and the experience is not worth it to date again for a long time...
  10. One word...Pokemon Go...I must say I don't count to that group...I like Pokemon and anime series...but I can't took my head all the time to that screen...I watch at my mobile phone at times, but I'm not that mobile phone fanatic...my older sisters is very different in that case!
  11. I don't know...talking about just panties...
  12. This whole topic makes me ashamed a bit...
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