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  1. Nice boat!

    1. Jack


      Like my cover I had a bass boat like that  it was fast on the water 

  2. Anna sometimes our minds tell us one thing and our hearts tell us something else. You went with your heart and I can tell you that because I am 10 years older than you and I have never regretted going with my heart.
  3. What a super wonderful new adventure that lays in front of you. You are blessed and you will be a blessing to others!
  4. It is so wonderful that you are considering being a missionary but the people I know who have been on missions have said it is a days full of challenges. Depending on where they send you, you could end up living in a grass hut with no wifi in 100 miles.haha Seriously it is not easy but it is very rewarding and the kind of education and experience you cannot get at any uni. If your parents are not liking the idea then you can always go to uni for a couple of years and then ask them again or you can be a real rebel and do it anyway since you will be an adult by then. I personally do not recommend the rebel route but I cannot deny that it works for some people.
  5. Hi Anna. I do know what it is like to have some unhappiness about a birth father. My birth father skipped out on me and mom when I was really young but I really do believe that when one door closes on us, another one opens. That would seem to be true for you so continue bonding with your father while keeping up your love for your birth father. I know there is no way to fully describe the feeling of being spanked and I hope you did not think I was minimizing your experience in any way. I do know it rocked your world.
  6. Hi Anna. I have not had time to comment but I have been following your Anna adventures and I loved reading about your trips and the development of your relationship with brand new dad. I remember breaking in a new father and I can tell you that your adventure went lots smoother than mine did.haha You would not believe how hard I made it on my father when he became my father but you are older and lots more mature than I was when I was your age and you had a father before your new father so that helps. You were very prepared for a new father. I am very happy for you that the 1st time over his lap did not rock your world. I know you had to be very nervous. So many emotions come into play. Anyway now you can settle in to your new life and your new father and his ways but do not forget the other father. You are related to him by spirit and blood and that is special beyond words.
  7. Oh yes Pookie and Anna and for all girls here it's hard but please do not make your punishment lots worse by punishing yourself.
  8. Gelocation? oh my gosh. it scares me to think how many more spankings I would have had if my father had this technology stuff available to him 10 years ago.
  9. Hi Anna. I think it is superly wonderful that you want to be a missionary. That is a calling I thought I had at one time but it turned out to be something I was not emotionally ready for. Leaving home and living in another country is not something this gal could have ever done but I can tell you are mature and full of the spirit so I will be praying that if this is what you are called to do, you will be wonderful at it.
  10. I thought about you when I read this because I was sure you know people like this and the pressures they are under that the rest of us don't feel.
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