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  1. Actually it's a very simple explanation. During the protests many more people stayed home hence there were fewer exposures. And while the protesters did expose themselves to other people, apparently the risk of infection outdoors is not as great as it is indoors.
  2. Remember too that while case numbers are up hospitalizations are down! The case numbers can be very misleading because more testing is becoming available. There are a lot of people being tested who are positive but asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic. At least that is what is happening where I live.
  3. tried to PM you but you can't receive messages????

  4. Practical is important - and nothing good comes easy! Politics is dirty. It seems like another lifetime but in another career I was active politically as part of my job, my industry was very heavily regulated and we needed politicians who were friendly to us to write laws that helped rather than hurt. I was on first name basis with several congressman. I would meet routinely with them and the occasional senator (although at the time my senator was more interested in playing squash than meeting with constituents). I'd meet them in their offices and they'd meet me in mine. I remember hosting dinner/fundraisers in the capital building itself - now that is unheard of. Tip O'Neill used to be Speaker of the House - his secretary, Mary, was on my speed dial. Money (fundraising) gets you access. Access gets you influence. Politicians can't know the details about all different subjects. Bills get written by staffers then voted on by the politicians based upon whoever influenced them the most with money and the promise of reelection votes. If you are really interested in it try for an internship. Being pretty helps. Sorry to be blunt with that but it's true. I never met an intern or a staffer who was 'average' or less. (part of why I said politics is dirty...) To answer your question: All three of my kids went to nationally ranked universities with name recognition. Youngest graduates this spring. Daughter #1 - - Communications: not sure if she is happy with it or not. She has a good job with great benefits but I don't think she's satisfied. Son - - Electrical Engineering: Happy with his choice. Works for a Fortune 50 company. They actually paid him a salary while he went for his master's which they also paid for. I want him to get his MBA, which they will also pay for but he'll have to do it on his own time. Daughter #2 - - Marketing with a minor in Digital Marketing Trends and Analytics. Graduates in the spring, no job lined up yet but she's had interviews. I'm pretty sure she is happy with her choice and it will benefit her.
  5. Anna, You are not alone in your stress about what to do about life after HS. I saw it in my own three kids and in the hundreds of students I taught and coached. You are seventeen - it is difficult to put things in perspective when you think that the decisions you make now will affect the rest of your life. What is right for you personally I cannot say since I don't know the real details about you. What I can do is give you some general guidelines based upon my experience dealing with and observing lots of other young people in your situation and researching the topic as an involved educator. Lots of seemingly random thoughts about to come here. Sorry if it seems like rambling. I started a thread about this quite a while back it didn't gain much traction but there is more in-depth information there. "College" is not for everyone but it is what has become the mantra from parents, guidance counselors, teachers, random idiots on the Internet etc. You hear "go to college" at every turn. The reality is that a four year liberal arts degree is not worth the money you will spend on it unless all you want is an "education" not a career. (in which case you could do it for near zero money via the Internet and the library systems but that's another story) If you are not sure what you want to do in life a gap year can a be a great way to grow up some, gain maturity and a sense of what you want from life. So can working with your church. You can take a gap year and still keep your hand in academically by taking a course or two at night, or otherwise around your work schedule, at the community college. What I witness, and the research shows happens far more often than a student not continuing after a gap year or a mission trip is students who start college with no clue dropping out after a year or two and owing thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it. Some sort of training after HS is a necessity. This could be a traditional 4 year college or it could be a trade, career or technical school. Unless you are going to a 'name brand' nationally ranked university your choice of college doesn't matter. It might get your foot in the door on a job interview based on name recognition but not much beyond that. You can get a great education for less money using the community college system for your core courses and then transfer to a four year. Just be sure the community college has an articulation agreement with the four year for your specific program. MAJOR matters a LOT if you are looking to get a career after your schooling. Majors like Petroleum Engineering, nursing, etc will get you jobs and money. Majors that use the word "studies" anywhere in it like "inner-city studies" or "women's studies" are worthless, near worthless are things like 'early childhood education', social work, English literature, etc. Career schools can be fantastic. There are high paying careers in things like HVAC, plumbing, electrical, carpentry etc. Note that I intentionally mentioned traditional male fields - a woman entering these fields can do very well. If you want more traditional female fields look at nursing, culinary arts, etc. Another thing to consider is a few years in the military. You will get training and pay. You will see the world and get a chance to mature. You will also get a lot of money for an education when you get out. This is getting long here so I will stop. Lots more could be said. Bottom line - - you've mentioned a gap year and a mission trip before. That's been on your mind for a while. Pick one and go for it!!!
  6. I know it happens but isn't spanking illegal in Sweden? I wonder how that affects things. I would think that those parents who choose spanking as a punishment fully believe in the practice and that probably means children get spanked to a late age and it's likely more 'formal'. What do you think?
  7. Well, my mom, God Bless Her, is in her nineties and still around. On the rare occasions I do something that displeases her - she lets me know. Does that count? I can't remember for sure how old I was the last time I got spanked. I know I was in high school.
  8. This was very true for my daughters as well. Wish I had come up with that phrase. I used to call them "attitude adjusters"
  9. I think it's a matter of trust. He doesn't trust you to choose wisely. You don't trust him enough to tell him the truth. That's a problem. The other issue may be that you KNOW you aren't choosing wisely, hence you didn't tell him because you knew your choice was a bad one. That's a bigger problem.
  10. Wow. How history changes over time.... I was in uniform during the Vietnam era but was blessed that I never deployed to the war zone. I remember being called a baby burner and being spit at. Soldiers were blamed for the policies of the politicians and the bad acts of the few like My Lai. That attitude of the people has, thankfully, completely changed. My experience now is that soldiers and veterans are treated with respect and a sense of gratitude.
  11. At the risk of hijacking a thread: I can tell you for a fact that I am treated better now as a veteran than I ever was before. That really all started after 9 / 11. I get discounts at restaurants, Lowe's, etc. all year and not just on veteran's day - sure it's marketing for them but it is nice. I get thanked for my service (which is kind of awkward as I never know how to respond.) Veterans are asked to salute not just place hands over your heart at sporting events during the playing of the National Anthem. (Just in case you don't know that is always a legal option for veterans.) When I was in the service we were not permitted to go off base in our fatigues and certainly not permitted to fly commercial wearing them. Now active servicemen wear their battle dress in public - and are positively recognized for it. Things sure have changed. And it's a positive thing.
  12. Follow on question: Any other Veterans besides me left on here? I remember that Papa and Robert were but they aren't on here any longer. Amanda - FWIW my military experience was a big deal in my life and led to lots of successes in the civilian world because of the things I learned and the confidence I gained. I would do it all over again.
  13. WOW - Good job keeping this quiet. Best wishes!
  14. Anna, First off - I'm glad you shared and that you are feeling better about things. CONGRATULATIONS - - you have another DAD who loves you and cares about you!!!! He loves you enough to discipline you when you need it. And you trust him and love him enough to allow him to punish you in such an intimate way. I'm super happy for both of you that you hugged and talked after the fact. I think that is so important to ensure both of you that the love and caring is there. Have you spoken with your mom about this? What was her reaction? If you had the chance to do things over again, what would you do? What's going on with the play? Do you still have the part? FWIW - - Whenever I read these stories I always put myself in the 'dad' place and wonder what i would have done. In this case probably pretty much the same thing except likely a harder spanking. YIPPEE you have another DAD!!
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