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  1. So, I answered 6 but truth is during the week I am up at 5:30. The church question is a bit of an anomaly because I generally do not go to Sunday mass these days but I go regularly with my mom one day during the week. Our home parish has a 6:30 mass on wekdays and she and I go and then stop for coffee afterward. It is one of my favorite times of the week. When I am not at mass, I run early in the morning in good weather or hit the treadmill when it is not. I love the peace and solitude of the early morning. It is when I feel most spiritually connected.
  2. I went the other way when they got to be that age. There was no set bed time, but they had to get themselves up and be out the door in time to make buses or carpools. It was not 5:45 but it was 6.30. And if they didn't and it became a habit, then we mandated a bed time. There were a time or two with both where we did, but for the most part they managed it well and we did not have any issues.
  3. I agree with this and I would further add that the girl should not have felt pressured to "choose" between either boy. This whole situation seemed destined to go poorly for all involved.
  4. I would be deeply disturbed if I thought my kids feared me on any level. My approach to discipline always was to make a clear connection between action/behavior and consequence. It was of primary importance to me that discipline was never done in anger and always expressed in level, rational terms. Yes, I am certain that when they were faced with the consequences of their actions there was a certain level of anxiety and emotion, but in no way do I think that was because they were afraid of me. If that were the case, I would would take that as a singular failure as a parent. What I would hope is that I showed them enough love and respect enough that they respected my parental authority in return.
  5. My girls started wearing makeup when they began high school. I had no objections about them wearing it earlier but the (Catholic) grade school they attended allowed nothing besides lip gloss as part of the dress code. I wear very little makeup so Iwas of little use to them when they started. Fortunately, their aunt, my husband's youngest sister, came to their rescue and helped them with colors, shades and, most important, application. Both are Sephora users and birthday and Christmas gifts often include Sephora gift cards.
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