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  1. I dont have set pocket money here. It's more like when i need something, i ask directly money for it. My parents are not so bad about it, like if i dont ask every days lot of money then they will be ok about it !
  2. I'm allowed to wear makeup, there were never a big deal about it at my home. of course i always have been quite modest about what makeup i wear so i answered "i can wear what i want" because what i want is ok for my parents .
  3. When have you planned to present me the left one ??
  4. That's a good question In my mind boys and girls should be equal, while remaining different. Weird i know, but i'll try to explain. I think they should be raised exactly the same : same rules, same consequences. But of course boys and girls are still different.
  5. I dont think it's possible, not for me at least. There is always a guy you want to see more than the other... You cant love two persons exactly the same..
  6. My question is more for girls, but parents could answer too. I think everything is in the title, but it is about how short would you LIKE to wear your skirts / dresses ? And are you parents OK with that ? If no, how do you "cheat" about that if you have already done it ? I ask those questions because i had an argument about that with my parents on new year Eve. They were not ok with my dress. We argue a little bit but i finally put another dress. It bothered me a lot because i really wanted to wear that dress, but i prefered to change than to risk further consequences ..
  7. I don't think my parents ever scared me. I know i can talk about everything with them, and that they love me. But i'm scared about their consequences if i break the rules or so !
  8. Same for me, if i had poeple who know me here (even if there are good friends or so), i wouldn't have said that much at all about myself..
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