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  1. ty for being so nice ❣️

    1. AlexandraW


      You’re welcome sweetheart. 

  2. Oh, and happy birthday too Anna.
  3. As J says, it says a lot about your desire to be lady like, especially in this day and age where that quality is so underrated by the masses. Like you, I really do not agree with number 3 on your definition list. I believe I am “ladylike”, but I could probably outdo my husband in any physical challenge, certainly anything stamina related. I fully understand what you are saying about being spanked, indeed if my daughters “paraded” around with no skirt or knickers on other than when they are about to be smacked we would most definitely be having words. The thing is though, when you have misbehaved and needing punishment, you are not actually being a lady - you are being a naughty little girl and that is how a spanking is meant to make you feel. The ladylike aspect is your desire to not misbehave and therefore not be spanked, which one leads to the other in your case only you can answer - do you want to behave in which case you won’t be spanked or do you want to avoid being spanked so you try to behave - the chicken and egg analogy spring to mind.
  4. One should demonstrate their objection towards the politicians not the diggers. The way Vietnam veterans were treated here as well was disgusting. Now (I read the other week) they are trying to expunge history to claim that the abuse they suffered never occurred.
  5. So sorry that this happened to you so early on. I honestly don’t believe that fact means you are sooooo bad, it simply means that you clearly feel so comfortable with your “new dad” that you are not being super strenuous in “putting on a show” for him. We all make mistakes, and we have to accept the consequences for those mistakes and then move on and learn from them. What have you learnt from this episode? Firstly I would suggest it gives you ultimate proof, if you didn’t know, that your new dad sees you as his daughter, not someone he has simply acquired because he fell in love with your mum. It sounds also like he is going to be very respectful towards you, one thing I hate hearing about is parents spanking when they are mad. It sounds like he is going to use spanking to help you improve rather than simply to “hurt” you, although obviously it is going to be uncomfortable. A lot of the uncertainties about how it will happen for you have now gone, you know he is going to smack your bare bottom, you know he is not, routinely at least, going to reach for his belt, you know he isn’t going to shout and scream at you. I think all in all your mum has made an excellent choice for your new dad. Try not to dwell on the unpleasant side and enjoy your first Christmas together. Xxx
  6. Next year will be carrying on much the same as this year; being a mummy, work, flying but no pregnancy (I hope) as we don’t really want to do yet more renovations to the house. We do have three significant holidays planned though so should be a fun year. February we are taking a couple of camper vans all the way to Alice Springs and Uluru (you may know it better as Ayre’s Rock, but it is politically incorrect to call it that now) March we are going on a mini cruise again. (Reminds me I need to make the final payment for that) September we are going to the UK for a month.
  7. The only time I have tried to “palm off” a spanking I should have been more specific and said something along those lines. As I’ve said in another post, I simply told him to sort HIS daughter out, and he took her out to buy her a new wet suit.
  8. In our house it is generally me that does the deed. This is more to do with the fact I’m around more of the time than hubby is as opposed to “smacking is mum’s job”
  9. I think being a step parent has to be one of the most challenging roles that exist. My hubby is THE best step dad ever to my eldest. I have absolutely no idea where the sperm donor is, maybe somewhere in Florida still (don’t know if that is the reason it’s my least favourite state in the US, maybe) or maybe not even on this planet. He ceased communicating with me when I told him the news. It is probably an easier situation than some, sperm donor is nowhere to be seen, Michael was very young when hubby came on scene, but he fully took on the role of dad from basically the word go. Michael calls him dad, and has no interest in trying to track down you know who - we have both offered to help if he wanted to. Actually the only other person I know personally in a step child/parent situation is young Eva from church. She lives with dad and step mum full time. (Mum got custody apparently, but then buggered off to work in the Middle East). Marty is a far better mum to her than her bio mum, and Eva worships the ground on which step mum walks. It is really lovely to see them together.
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