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  1. Well of course we had wine at the restaurant. There’s absolutely no point in having a 17 year old with a driver’s licence if mum and dad don’t indulge in wine at dinner is there? I used to have an ice cream maker - we never actually used it much was a lot of hassle to do so. Now the thermomix on the other hand makes fantastic ice cream, really easily.
  2. When I first scrolled the page I saw that as an ice bucket with a bottle of wine in it. I was thinking what an earth is this fool talking about - what a fantastic Mother’s Day gift. I didn’t get any wine. I got a necklace, some flowers a massage voucher and dinner at a nice restaurant in town.
  3. I defo agree with all this. 1. Hug them first thing in the morning. Hug them before they head off for school. Hug them when they get home from school. Hug them before tea and before bed. Just randomly hug them. We are a very tactile family so I guess it’s easier than for some that aren’t, but hugs are tremendously important, for parent as well as child. 2. I don’t do much do the random texts, but talking WITH them rather than to them is very important. 3. We often do fun surprises. 4. Earned praise is really important, however it is very important to avoid the trap of praising for every little thing, as it doesn’t prepare them for real life. I don’t praise for things like tidying their room or doing their chores. Those things should just be a given and are not something special. 5. One on one time is very important, and we have for the last couple of years been making a conscious effort to have one on one day with each child at least every couple of months. This road trip has been good for that as we have switched vans and child up front every couple of hours. 6. THE most important by far.
  4. I’m glad you didn’t just leave it there. It’s so open to misinterpretation.
  5. I can pretty much sleep anywhere. I didn’t used to like silence when I was younger, I guess because we always had traffic noise and the coal trains in the background. Now though it doesn’t bother me, where we live is incredibly quiet, with the sometime exception of the koalas growling or the occasional ‘roo punch up in the garden. I’m a fairly light sleeper, which I guess is simply part of being a mum.
  6. Yes that is fantastic. I agree with every one of them except 21, sadly (?) that’s not safe anymore, as was shown here I think it was the year before last or maybe beginning of last year.
  7. Thought it would be fun idea to resurrect this thread and update with which of our goals and plans came to fruition during 2019. Here’s my responses. First, I hope so - I guess I should ask my children whether I’ve been a better mum this year than last. Second, yes I did. I was back at my pre pregnancy weight within a few months. Third, I’ve done much more instructing - does that count as fun flying? Yeah I think it does as any flying is fun. Fourthly, I didn’t get lost.
  8. Another really good article Lisa. Personally I talk to my children the same as anyone else, but obviously in age appropriate language.
  9. This is ridiculous. Sounds to me like this “rapper” could do with some education in anatomy and physiology as well as parenting.
  10. I’m up generally between 5.15 and 5.30. I start getting the kids up about 5.45 to 6. Now we’ve had the renovations done there is no need to stagger the bathroom as they all have their own shower. It makes for a much more pleasant morning.
  11. Generally they sit far too close to the airbag zones and don’t have their belts adjusted correctly. This is often because they will not take the time to adjust their seating and everything correctly. Of course with a short adult it is not as major an issue as it is with a child because the skeleton is mature which makes an adult more likely to survive the forces. Internal decapitation is a major risk with forward facing young children too soon, but is virtually unheard of in an adult.
  12. Sure they will occasionally have a whinge about it. Falls on deaf ears of course because I know what they are like at 5.45 if they go to bed any later. In the end it saves them most days from going to school with a sore bottom.
  13. Don’t know about elsewhere, but here the child restraint laws certainly aren’t made for safety or to benefit the seat manufacturers. The rules don’t meet the scientific research, they don’t meet car manufacturers recommendations and they don’t meet the seat manufacturers recommendations. The only sensible aspect of our rules is that you MUST rear face a child under 6 months. My state has a “sensible” extra law that means you can’t forward face until the child meets the forward facing markers on the seat. Every other state and territory allows you to forward face from 6 months whether or not your child meets the requirements for their seat. In NSW it is illegal to use a booster beyond the age of 7, even if they don’t meet the five point test. From 7 it is legal to sit a child in the front seat, even though most (if not all) car manufacturers recommend 12 because of the airbag. It is illegal to deactivate a passenger airbag so you can use a child seat in the front seat. It is illegal to rear face a child after the age of 4, even though extended rear facing is proven to be safer. The only thing where our laws are probably better than some other countries is because we base it on age rather than height or weight. Age is what determines the maturity of the skeleton, which is pretty much what child seat safety is all about.
  14. 8.30 for the eldest 2, 8 for James and 7.30 for Laura. The twins pretty much whenever they go to sleep. Mum and dad 10 if we are lucky. During the school holidays we extend it by half an hour, until the last five days or so when we go back to normal.
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