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  1. Maybe your mom is going on the bond that you and Jimdad had built going into the engagement/wedding? I know the two of you were talking over things and it seemed to help when the actual wedding day and "new" family came to be full-time. Seeing that y'all got along so well and seemed to be in a good place, she has let things go accordingly?
  2. Love your new avatar pic there!  Sassy but cute! 😊

  3. Hi Rick,  I hope this is the right place to write and ask questions.  This new forum is still a little confusing. 

    I was just wondering how your kids are handling this Corona virus situation being stuck at home. I was surprised to see your picture with your kids buying ice cream from that truck. Those trucks are all banned over here because of the virus. Actually my town is like a ghost town,  everything is closed,  very few cars on the roads, absolutely nothing to do.  They don't even want you to walk your dog.  Now try explaining that to your dog. Lol 

    How are you and your wife handling everything with the kids being home? Any problems?

    My youngest, Jennifer,  lost it a few days ago after learning her prom was canceled,  and graduation is canceled , plus being stuck in the house. I felt sorry for her but she became such a pain in the butt I decided it was time for a private conversation in her room.  

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place and you don't mind the questions. 



  4. Love the new cover pic Anna!  But how does Jimdad feel about that guy there..  a little too close..  🤣  j/k

  5. So beautiful! We have a few events like this down here in our area of Texas too. The ladies look so very beautiful in their gowns at the parades and such.
  6. Howdy Anna! Thank you for giving us some prospective on things here. I can understand the conflict on the challenge of remaining ladylike and having to present yourself in such a manner. Like the others have stated, when it comes to accepting spanking, or paddling as a consequence it doesn't lend well to being able to stay ladylike at all. I, honestly, think that is just part of the consequences though. Does it reflect poorly on you though? No, not at all in the least! If anything, it is more of a humbling experience to remind you that the choice or action taken was not the proper path. It gives reminds you that you made that choice or took that incorrect action. As a result, you (hopefully) take note through the consequence and try harder to not do it again. Of course, if you do, it isn't because you're a terrible person either. We learn from our actions and sometimes that just means that we need a few reminders to get there. I know you've mentioned before that you have a fairly good relationship with your principal and I'm sure that he is just trying to help you get back on track with things. He has been patient and helpful in the past with some of the hurdles you've had to work through. Keep your chin up my friend.. Unlike some principals, it sounds like he's got your back.
  7. It is still too early to tell for my two kiddos, but for me it was at 17. I had a very close call where I should have received one at 19 when I got in trouble for some mischief, but it didn't happen. I didn't move out on my own until I turned 20.
  8. That's awesome that you're going to high school! Amber really enjoyed performing in color guard this past two school years. While not a cheerleader specifically, they are cheering on the football teams and stuff too. Texas is an awesome place to go to high school with all the spirit teams!! I think she'll miss it next year, but is already talking about looking forward to enjoying being in the stands again as a spectator like she did from about age 3 until high school when I would take her to the games here. I wish you the best!! It is a lot of fun being a part of the spirit teams.
  9. For me, I'm hoping to keep advancing in my skills, perhaps a few more technical certifications as I start to look deeper at IT Security. Amber... Well, she's full speed ahead for the rest of her Sophomore year, learning to be a good driver with having her permit now and capping the year off (in December) with a full on license to drive. Not sure on vacation plans so far..
  10. Ahh... the upgrade... that just won't complete! We'll get there Jonathon! Keep up the great work in the meantime...
  11. Jonathon... You make some very solid points here! Anna, like Amber here, was sooo very respectful on things. While it would (and does here) break my heart a little to have to deliver a spanking to her as her dad, I would feel so blessed to have a daughter that understands the mistakes or bad choices that were made. To own up and be able to speak calmly about what happened and where things went off the rails, it goes a very long way to accepting the consequences of those choices too. I can't stress this enough with Amber when we have those discussions about how much it warms my heart to see her being acceptable and understanding of things when I see other teens out there just unloading on their parents or other adults. Keep up the great work Anna! You're amazing! Know that while there will probably be other incidents in the future, you are loved and that you are (always will be) an amazing young lady! +Rick
  12. Howdy my friend! I'm sorry to hear about what happened and I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to share about it. Based upon what you happened, I'm afraid I would have found that the same consequences would have been needed. I appreciate that he remained calm and did not vocalize anything negatively with you on the phone, ride home or even when you arrived home. He handled things much like i do with Amber in that he let you tell your side of things and even if it ended up with you admitting your mistakes, it ended up with both understanding that there was a consequence of those choices. As I tell Amber anytime we have to go to her room to discuss things, I always reassure her that she is a great kid and that this is not a reflection of her in the least as a bad kid. It sounds like he really truly cares for you and while this (might not) be the last one, you both have a what appears to be a very good relationship that grows with each day. Don't feel as if you have let him or yourself down by how soon it happened. His role is to be there as a comforter and a leader. If you make a bad choice, he is there to guide and correct where needed. Like the others have stated, I think it is important to make sure that you both are ok after things. Maybe give him a huge hug when he arrives home from work and let him know that things are ok and that you want to move beyond things with the lesson learned. That will go miles with him and reassure him that he wasn't too hard on you with things. I think it will help you as well to move forward from things. Lots of to you Anna! +Rick
  13. Awww...making me blush! It was quick.. I did get to spend some time with a co-worker that lives in Colorado Springs, but was in for the dinner too. The dinner went by so quickly too. And then, it was to bed and back up the next morning before dawn to fly back home to Texas. I was able to meet some co-workers that I've only spoken to on the phone too which was nice. It's true that it is becoming more and more of a problem down here... and all over Texas. Even in our small town, I've seen some questionable folks outside our Wally where they're in the store and out in the parking lot. It's scary to know that they're out there! One thing I've told Amber over and over.. Less looking at the phone and more being aware of your surroundings in public places. It is really good that you're accepting of Jim's requests on checking in and such. I can tell you, like Marian, I know that was a big problem for me growing up too. Don't check in or let them know that we went some place else was a big no-no and ended up with plenty of fire on my backside on so many occasions. Amber just got her learner's permit and really hasn't been one to go out in the past, except when she's on school field trips or band competitions, etc. But overall, she's been very good at letting us know where she's at and if she's changing locations. I'm hoping that when she has a bit more of the "driving" freedom that she'll continue to be as good about letting us know where she's at or going. If not, it will definitely be something that will end up with her backside on fire.
  14. Very wise words Natalie! I know I worry with Amber too. I think it is just parental instinct to want to make sure you're ok and not having any issues. Amber has been good about letting me know, even on school trips, whenever she's leaving one place and arriving at another. Her band trip to the Houston area a few months back was one where she did great with keeping us up to date. They let them off at the mall and gave them freedom to move about. I just asked that she check in with us periodically to let us know she was ok via text message and when she was going to or arriving back at the stadium, etc. It goes a long way with the parents when you just let us know how things are going. Not so much to control, but to reassure us that you're ok. Sadly, human trafficking has become a bigger thing down here in South Texas, so I worry more about her whenever she is out and about... especially at malls where these things seem to be happening more and more...
  15. I hope your Saturday sleepover was a blast! And your Aspen trip sounds like it is going to be fun too! Yeah, snow would have been nice for this Texas guy! I enjoy getting to see it on my business travels, just as long as it doesn't get me stuck from getting in/out of the airports. I think Philly dodged it this time for sure though. It sounds like you're doing great! Nothing out of the norm from typical teenage challenges there, right? It is good that Jim is being clear with you on things and that you're being accepting as well. When/if you need correction, it sounds like you'll do just fine as well. I know the scary part is when it happens, of course. No one likes to be corrected, however, it is part of growing up and beyond even. It sounds like Jim has done a great job so far and has been fair with things though. My friend is an assistant principal at a charter Hebrew school. Her daughter went there from K-8th and just soaked up the Hebrew over the years. Of course, it wasn't jammed into a few semesters but spread out. It is good that you made the attempt to learn it, but it is definitely a tough one to learn. I suspect you really have to apply and focus on a course like that. I took French in middle school and still remember some of it. Probably more than I realize. I get a few Canadian customers that speak French and I can understand some of what they say when the mix things up on me. Just give it your best and absorb what you can there!! +Rick
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