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  1. Sounds like you did just fine! Did you not have a glass of wine at the restaurant? ? Yes, when I first saw the picture I thought it was an ice cream maker...which I also thought was a cool gift.
  2. Probably not the best Mother's Day gift suggestion.
  3. LOVE the gullibility test!
  4. I've made the comment a number of times, that I can drink a pot of coffee, lie down next to it and sleep.
  5. Immediately. I can sleep on a concrete slab. When I was about 15 y/o, I once slept all night on a flight of stairs. I know it must be awful for those who need the rest sleep brings, but have difficulty falling asleep. An option I would suggest, if you have a television in your room, is to play one of the soothing, relaxing, long-running YouTube videos that feature such things as gentle rain storms, maybe with a little lightning and thunder in the background, or softly howling wintry winds. They basically create "good sleeping weather." There are many to choose from, some run up to about 10 hours. This (below) is one of my favorites because I love "cozy," but more importantly the sounds of this one are perfect. Some have cracks of lightning and thunder that are just too loud and I do have a problem in that this particular one only runs about 3 hours, and is subsequently (automatically) followed by another that IS too loud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sL0omwElxw I also like this one, called "Rain At Cozy Attic" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mtsF_XjNec Others are "Black Screen" as the television screen will go completely dark, only the sounds will remain.
  6. It seems that I have always spoken to my sons as through they were adults. I've often told people my eldest, Ryan, was born 43 years old.
  7. I have no words. Actually that's not true. I have these words: DisgustingAppallingControllingPossessiveSexistMisogynisticPatheticAbsurdOutrageousCreepyDeplorableDomineeringRidiculousLudicrousIntrusiveViolatingReprehensibleJackassHe need not worry about drinking from this mug anytime soon...unless he buys it for himself. Or his son gives it to him.
  8. This is who liked the chart (above)... ...sounds like an all-girl rock band!
  9. Me too! I enjoy about an hour-long nap right after lunch. Unfortunately my employer doesn't agree with me.
  10. This only goes through 2008, but it is a chart by country of the consumption of daily doses of methylphenidate - ADHD medication - per thousand inhabitants per day. Obviously a lot of conclusions - potentially right and wrong - can be drawn from this chart, but I believe it is interesting to see the dramatic rise in the prescriptions of these meds in all these different countries...and also how much is prescribed in countries like the USA compared to Japan... It all begs the question of "why," I believe...why such differences between the countries and also why the sharp rise. I believe the increase could be the result of better understanding of the conditions than in previous years, better treatment options. I'd never say there are not a number of people who need to be on some of these medications, but I am also of the opinion that sometimes there are cases of over-prescribing, when meds are used to mask an underlying cause that could be addressed without ingesting chemicals. Over my objections, my younger son's mom insisted Austin needed to be on Ritalin...he just had "strange behaviors" at times. He seemed like a zombie kid on the meds, we soon took him off. He later told me he felt dead inside, when he was on them. We made a mistake...Kathleen for pushing it, me for allowing it.
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