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  1. Yeah I wouldn't be submissive to a manager at work. Now I have to do what they tell me to do because I don't want to be fired but doing what they tell me to do doesn't make me submissive to them right? This Camp leader person you're talking about, I know he can send you home and that's like a normal consequence but would you submit to being spanked by him if that was allowed? That's a whole other level of submission that's way more deep than submitting by doing something he told you to do.
  2. I need to change the title of this topic but I don't know how to . Pookie you really had me thinking about it being a gift we give to someone. Never thought of that but yes I see what you mean. It is a gift and should be appreciated by the person you give it to.
  3. Mom accepts me for who I am for the most part. The honeymoon isn't over between her and Jimdad (dad #2) so she doesn't say anything about him spanking me. I know that's odd for a mother to not have anything to say about her new husband spanking her teen daughter but that's how it is. A couple of my friends asked me how mom felt about that and I told them what I told you. You can be a strong woman and still be submissive. Being submissive doesn't mean you let people mistreat you.
  4. Both really but 'those in authority' is too broad for me. I feel like I should submit to my parents, grandparents, teachers, and people who care about me and who guide me, but not be submissive to a boss at work or to someone who might use it against me. Also I don't mean being submissive in a way that allows a stranger to punish me. Some people assume that when you are talking about being submissive, you're basically offering yourself for punishment to anyone in control but that's not the kind of submission I'm talking about. For me to submit to someone in that way, I have to have total respect for them. That takes time and effort. I talked on the forum about Jimdad and how we developed a relationship last year before he married mom, and how I developed respect for him and trusted him. Then we had a trip together to Aspen last December where we really bonded. It's that respect and trust that we developed that helps me to submit to him now.
  5. We have 445 cases in my county. There are 27,000 in Houston. Problem in my county is that there are a lot of elderly people who are at high risk. So I accept the quarantine because it makes it safer for the elderly.
  6. This is my background image for my club. I don't know if you can actually see this image in the background, but anyhow it needs some explaining. You see I'm not afraid of being submissive. Not afraid of being submissive to God, my mom, Jimdad, some of the people at my church, and some others in my life. I don't see it as an affront to my being a woman. I can be a woman of integrity, power, and all the other things women aspire to, and still be submissive. I believe you have to be submissive to someone, or your just fooling yourself into thinking you have power over everything in your life. Nobody has that power. When I get spanked, that super submissive side of me comes out. Not completely sure why, because I'm a woman, I'm 18, and I can refuse a spanking anytime I want. But I wouldn't because I don't want to. Instead I go the other direction and become submissive. I can't imagine being more cooperative than I am, more willing to accept responsibility for why I'm being spanked, and to take my medicine. I think the world wants us to think that attitude is wrong. The world wants me to be a powerful woman, maybe a little angry, a little arrogant, and a lot of sass. But who really wants to be the person that others want us to be? I want to be an individual. I want to march to my own band. I want to make my world a happy one where I can be me and if being me means I'm submissive, then I think that's ok, Thanks for listening.
  7. Well I found out yesterday that all of our missions are postponed so it looks like I won't be doing that this fall after all. Virus cases are up in Texas as some of you know. I don't know what I'm going to do this fall but when one door closes, God opens another door. Be positive!
  8. Love the new cover pic Anna!  But how does Jimdad feel about that guy there..  a little too close..  🤣  j/k

  9. Sending love love love to you Pookie. So encouraging and all of us need that now! Yes I am smelling the roses... well more like planting milkweed bulbs. Did that yesterday.
  10. Yes Jack all of our missions are on hold until the pandemic is over. Daddy Jim won't let me go to walmart without a mask on so going to another country is out of the question for a long while.
  11. Yes it's all up in the air now. I was supposed to start training in June but at least the delay is only temporary. They assign people to locations based on their skills and experience. I would most likely be assigned to a groups that's going somewhere that's American friendly, mission friendly, and where English is spoken by at least some of the people. I was getting strong vibes about our mission in the Honduras but it's too early for me to think about where I might be assigned. So much has to happen first. Thanks for asking. This is really something I can look forward to.
  12. So this also happened last night. I asked dad about how long he thinks I would be getting spanked. It's a normal question I think for someone who is turning 18 and graduating high school. I asked the question in a way that didn't make it feel like I was asking for an ending or that I was complaining about being spanked at my age even if I do have the right to complain about it if I wanted to. Anywho he told me that he wanted to address this after I graduate in May. I should have said thank you and dropped it but I actually went the complete other direction and asked him if we could talk about it in August after I finished missionary school. Yes you heard this right. He offered to talk about ending spanking in 3 months but I asked him to push the conversation out to August, pretty much making spanking the #1 option for 6 more months. Needless to say he was surprised. I think he thought I was asking for us to talk about it in 6 weeks, not 6 months from now. Now I need to explain why I did this but the explanation is not going to be easy. Anyone reading this now thinks I'm mental and maybe I am but I feel like I need to show him that I don't hate his choice of how he deals with me. I don't know if I did it out of respect or because I don't hate him for spanking me. I can assure anyone reading this that I don't enjoy being spanked. I don't know any girl that does and even if I was weird like that, I'm sure he would know it and stop spanking me. Mom would sure know it and make him stop spanking me. So it's not that at all. It's just how I'm wired. I don't know any other way to explain it and this is probably the only place in the world where I can say what I've said here. What will I say in 6 months? I don't know. I have a feeling I will be leaving on a mission and spankings will end naturally. After all he can't spank me if I'm in Tibet.
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