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  1. I had problems falling asleep when my world was changing but my doctor put me on an antidepressant that put me to sleep right away. I'm sleeping fine now and I sleep better when it's cold outside and cool in the house.
  2. I'm afraid of family conflict like when dad #1 told me he was about to change his life and mine. I wanted to scream at him. I wanted to confront him with my real feelings but I couldn't. He seemed so happy about his new job and I didn't want to make it all about me but keeping it all inside makes it worse. I also don't like the conflict that comes with having faith. The comments about living in a dreamworld. The comments that God doesn't exist. I feel that conflict in different places and I only smile and move on.
  3. I, my friends, and my church use social media to share our lives and spread the gospel. We share stories of how God works in our lives, we share stories of inspiration, we encourage eachother, and tell special stories of people who need help, and we help them. There is no bullying, porn, bragging, or anything negative.
  4. I'd really like to have my own money, like money I made and can spend the way I want. I'm older than you and I still have to ask for money. I do get an allowance but sometimes I run out and sometimes I need stuff like you do and I don't like asking for extra money. My dad was easy to talk to about money but mom is more a tightwad.
  5. If she is lucky that her skirt doesn't get pulled up. I love wearing skirts but not when I'm about to be spanked.
  6. Mom doesn't tell me what my brother does and I don't believe he gets into trouble much but I know when he does get into trouble..it's something big. I do a lot of little things bad or wrong.
  7. My bother and I are totally different people even though we were raised the same until a few years ago. He's a sweet guy but a problem for mom. I was a problem for dad but the problems I give him are different than the problems my brother gives mom. I do think it would be neat to talk about raising boys because it might help me to help mom with my brother.
  8. Good article. I sometimes remind a friend that being a friend means thinking about other people. Caring about other people and not being all about yourself. Most of my friends are very caring and they don't make every conversation about them. I also try to remember to thank people for being interested in me.
  9. Yes I know it was hard for them too. I'm friends with boyfriend #1 but boyfriend #2 moved to another state and we didn't stay in touch. I still look at his Facebook account once in a while.
  10. I dated 2 boys at the same time and both became serious relationships. I had to be up front with both boys but then they pressured me and acted jealous which made it worse for me. I couldn't sleep at night. Boyfriend #2 found another girl and then I was upset that he broke up with me. But you know time and prayers healed me. The ironic thing is that I broke up with boyfriend #1 about 2 months later. Having no boyfriend was actually better at that time of my life.
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