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  1. I take medication to reduce anxiety at night and to fall asleep... Sometimes it works... Sometimes it don’t. Besides that all I need to sleep is my favorite blanket and loose clothes.
  2. Figured it was in there somewhere. Ironically it was my dad who suggested we give it a go.
  3. No. Nobody ever got hurt. But there is a gap between house and pool you’ve got to jump over. I’ve done it a few times. It is fun.... but my mom doesn’t like it.
  4. Ya know the fact that I said MAYBE as a dare is making me realize my mom might be right in her concern about things I’m willing to do on a dare.... ooops sorry mom!
  5. I’ve gone swimming in rivers and lakes with my normal clothes on and in my pool. I wouldn’t take my clothes off around people. That would be really weird. I know people do it in movies but idk if they do it in real life. Unless maybe as a dare like in the parent trap movie with Lindsey Lohan.
  6. We have a pool and I’ve never had a rule regarding what I wore into it. We have “safety” related rules like no swimming alone, no jumping off the roof into the pool but I can wear what I want. I don’t exactly own anything scandalous? Sometimes I wear a 1 piece sometimes a 2 pieces Sometimes I even wear shorts and a T-shirt if I was playing in the yard and didn’t originally plan to swim.
  7. If I’m going out with friends I get some Money... Like money for the movies.... but then after I have to give back the change. Sometimes my grandma gives me money. But for the most part I have no money.
  8. I have no pocket money. I have no money at all. But I want money.
  9. Sounds like something my mom would say. I think sometimes kids can just be mean. The only decent thing about this bipolar diagnosis was getting to take a year off from school school. Which is good because of my friends and I are our falling out..... Next year I start high school though so I’m Hoping for new friends.
  10. And they don’t complain about 8:30? 8:30 isn’t SUPER early but like... it’s early.
  11. What do short adults do....? That may have been asked already.
  12. I’ve even seen kids doing it in San Antonio proper.But not often though. Although we are rarely in San Antonio proper. I’ve never seen it in a Austin proper. Usually when I have it’s been along the River holding onto the tubes on backroads and not far at all.... its fun.
  13. I didn’t know that. We don’t have a forever 21 that close. Last time I went to one I was on vacation in Louisiana. Louisiana is by far not the closest but... the one we have isn’t convient.
  14. Most of the time you can can get clean versions of albums or the “explicit”
  15. I don’t like berry on me. My go to is like that nude pink. But I have really dark hair so I like how the red looks against it.
  16. I love playing with bright red lipstick. I can’t wear it out and about though. But my mom will let me own it. Strange. But I do have pictures of me wearing it with Taylor Swift captions like “I’ve got that classic red lip thing that you like...” Actually I guess Its not that odd that she’d let me Own it but not wear it out... because I did buy it with my babysitter and not exactly with my mom. She wasn’t mad though because she’s OK with non harmful experimentation. My mom and I were at Ulta Beauty (I didn’t get to buy anything) But I saw the lip color you are wearing and a bunch of other non typical lip colors. It’s cool that you tried it.
  17. I’ve made ONE tick tick, once. It was fun. But I didn’t make more and I think they’re annoying to watch.
  18. Personally I love skorts. You know shirts that what shorts under. I like those to be tight and short. Forever 21 has cute ones.
  19. Yeah not for the weather. But I would like to see some of the famous Beatles landmarks. I don’t like the Beatles.... at all really but....
  20. Georgia is hot too. I think south Texas is just hotter longer.
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