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  1. I also vary a lot. Sometimes I fall asleep really quickly but often times I don't sleep well at all and I am lying awake for hours. We used to live in a very quiet house and it was in the country so I got used to going to sleep with silence, except maybe the sound of rain or something. My stepsisters are almost the opposite, they used to live somewhere quite busy and sometimes they can't sleep because its too quiet. I have also always had my own room, so I think that would make a big difference if it changed. I have only shared one at sleepovers and stuff, when obviously a lot of the time you aren't trying to get loads of sleep or fall asleep quickly, but I would imagine if I shared a room I would find it difficult.
  2. I was 12 when I first started to do stuff online. I had a phone before then and used whatsapp with friends if that counts as social media. Apart from that I wasn't really interested in much, my dad said he would keep an eye on what I was doing on the computer or my phone and I guess he still does but its not like he is monitoring everything I do because I don't think there is really anything for him to worry about. I was kind of worried for a while him or my stepmother might ask about this site but I don't think they would find out I come here.
  3. So when I started this I thought having to get up when I do was early, turns out I get up pretty late compared to a lot of people...
  4. Yeah that sounds like something really fun but also super dangerous especially if you have to jump over a gap to get to the pool. I would be scared to do that. How high is your roof? And yeah that sounds like a dynamic I've heard before, Dad "hey kids have you ever thought of this super cool fun thing?" mum "omg no"
  5. Yeah she was saying its with friends including guys so that’s why they all keep their clothes on. I did actually go swimming in a stream with one friend in summer and we did it in our underwear It was super isolated in the country and surrounded by trees so no one else was around, and she is one of my oldest friends but even so I felt a little bit awkward about it at first. Definitely glad I had ok ones on. I think she is more used to doing that because she grew up in the middle of nowhere.
  6. Yeah my friend in Georgia lives in the country and was saying she has a swimsuit but hardly ever wears it, her friends will go out and end up swimming in a lake or something, but they didn't plan to when they left so just went in their normal clothes. People who have replied saying they've never been told not to wear anything when swimming in their pool, would it be any different if you went swimming somewhere else that was more public? For swimming lessons at my school everyone has to wear a one piece which I guess is the same point. Yeah I didn't so much see that on holiday this summer (in Croatia) but I was kind of surprised how revealing everyone was dressed. Not like I was scandalised lol, it was just in a very catholic country it wasn't what I would expect. Same with Spain I guess.
  7. I actually didn't answer the original question I don;t really get pocket money. I used to, when I was like 8 or 9 my dad would give me a tiny amount each week, it was maybe enough to buy some sweets sometimes, I would say it was mainly just for the excitement of getting coins and so I could think about money and maybe saving. It kind of stopped happening after a while and him or my stepmother won't give me regular pocket money but will of course buy things when I need them and give me some spending money if I need it. I usually give them back the change so it isn't really mine. We have talked about me getting a more formal weekly allowance so I could learn to manage it and save it and could buy more things for myself, like clothes or whatever it may be. But nothing has happened yet.
  8. I disagree. I don't think just because you have been given pocket money you will expect handouts your whole life Parents or guardians give you lots of stuff for free, that you don't earn. They give you food, clothes somewhere to live, they might pay for you to go to school or activities or whatever. None of that is *earned*. Do we just expect that food and clothes and a place to live will always be free and just handed out to us? I don't think so. I like to think I can tell the difference between pocket money, which I might be given as a gift, and money I have to work for. I don't think I am stupid enough to just think "well, I get given money now for free, I guess it will always be like that" and then just sit waiting for benefits to arrive. Also while its good to learn that you can earn money, that isn't always an option in some cases. Just for your example, you live in a small flat there aren't going to be jobs in the garden you can do for money, there aren't a whole load of jobs you can find to offer to do. I am quite new to the whole regular chores thing, but I get that doing them is just a responsibility and its good to help out at home. If you've got a load of chores that are your responsibility, can you start saying you should be paid money to do what you are expected to anyway. Getting some pocket money now and then can teach you about managing money and be really useful. Sure it might add another layer if its money you earned by working, but that doesn't mean that normal pocket money is wrong and not responsible.
  9. So I was thinking about the poll on bedtime and curfew this morning, as I dragged myself out of bed and tried to wake up in the shower, and I thought I would do one for the other end of the day, the far less fun one. Obviously most days you need to get up before a time to be places, and I thought it would be interesting if it varies much. I only put full hours in the poll and then realised it probably won't be that for most people, so just round it up or down.
  10. Yeah I am glad to see its not just me who has to deal with this lol. I thought she was being kind of weird about the whole thing, but apparently it is more common to not like them. Kind of a side question from this, a few people have talked about having pools (lucky) and about rules or no rules about what you wear there, does anyone have that? For me, like with other stuff I would say I am pretty modest for the most part and don't really have a massive urge to wear some tiny bikini when I am swimming or on holiday, but even so its one thing my stepmother has actually said she does not like or approve.
  11. Yeah I really like the look or very red or dark lipstick but I can't see myself ever wearing it. At least not unless I changed my whole look to go with it. I quite like the vintage look at the moment which often has super red lipstick, but like in the sense just to admire it on other people, not do it myself. And blue lipstick is something really different and cool because of that, I think it would be very hard to pull off, same with other non typical colours you see around. I think you need to build a whole outfit to work with it.
  12. Me too. Although definitely not for the weather There is a lot of historical stuff there that seems interesting, and it just looks like a fun city. So Nat have you got a scouse accent? I am reading your posts differently now lol
  13. I get you. I have got a friend online who lives in georgia, she was telling me how hot it is there and I imagine south texas is even worse. So retty much shorts every day.
  14. It is a difficult question I have to be extra careful with this kind of thing because of my stepsisters So I am not banned from listening to songs with swear words in them but I've got to make sure they are not overhearing any of it, and my stepmother would not be happy if that happened. Also I sing along to things quite often or sing them to myself, I always miss out the swearwords when I do, even though I don;t really think about doing that lol I'm not sure about the whole lady chatterly's lover thing. It sounds like it would be a smart point to make, but yeah I can imagine your mum not finding it funny and like you are trying to make her look bad. And to make it work in the first place she would need to buy it for you. She would probably ask why you want it and yeah ok maybe it is not actually a really obscene book but I would say that is what it is famous for, and if you don't read many other books like that its going to seem weird that you suddenly want that one. It seems like she is pretty inflexible n this whole thing so I don't really know what to suggest.
  15. What is her uniform like? Is it like a cheerleaders one? Also I have never got why people (parents) have such a big deal with holes and tears in jeans. Like its just a style thing but they seem to get so would up about it. I know it has been a thing for ages too so its not like its new and they didn't do the same. Yeah having an older sister must be good for that and having a guinea pig I guess I will be that for my stepsisters in a few years when they are old enough to think about this stuff. How old is your sister? And yeah although I am not sporty I feel like I don't have one set style because I like different things at different times. Yeah this is my stepmother exactly. She keeps saying if I am wearing them I should hve like a long shirt at least or preferably a skirt over them. Where as I would say a lot of people here do wear them as trousers and I do sometimes. And you find them hotter than jeans? I would say the opposite Definitely I find them more comfortable in summer I like the look you describe I really want to get some boot this year so I can wear similar things (although yeah tights aren't great)
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