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  1. thank you for being so nice to me ❣️

    1. Martha


      Awww thank you

      And its fine I'm not trying to at all its nice to talk to you 🙂

  2. OMG this is amazing, congratulations! I know it is something you have really wanted so I am happy for you Do you have any idea where the missions would be that you could go on after your training?
  3. Seems like everyone here is talking about it stopping or stopping soon for them and for me it is just starting
  4. You are right I was thinking about that. I still am. I know people said I should not worry and it was a tiny possibility anyway, but it does seem like a lot of the people on here have known that experience, so taking this forum as a sample,,, And also knowing that Jim dad as a new step parent made that choice straight away Well it gets me thinking again. Not like scared worrying, a little scared ofc but mainly thinking, about how I would feel about that, and about whether it would be right or whatever in our situation. I kind of want to ask tommy stepmother but I am worried if I mention it I will give her ideas about it she didn’t have before. Anyway sorry for stealing your topic and making it about me. I guess if anyone has something to say about this then the right place is on my what to expect thread.
  5. I’m sorry it happened to you again. And not that long after the first one. I hope that rate doesn’t continue but it sounds like you are learning what he expects about all kinds of things so you will know better.
  6. It is something I have thought about. Obviously it would not happen for years and so I have only thought about it vaguely. My dad was in the military for a little bit when he was younger although I don't think he did much in that time. I started doing cadets at school this year which I guess you could say is a way to find out more about it although of course it is nothing like joining the real thing. Is it something you want to do this year?
  7. Thats really interesting you are studying hebrew (even if you aren't finding it interesting and I'm sorry it is a difficult subject for you at school) I've never heard of that anywhere else or any school offering that as a subject. It makes sense yours is a religious school but even so that seems like an unusual thing, is it? Do many people at your school do it? I would love to learn hebrew, or also any unusual language like that (I don't mean unusual about the language itself, just something different to french or german or the things that schools more commonly do) but I think I would also struggle a lot with it because of how different it is from English. Also I hope the two plays you are doing are going well. Too bad that the church one is being taken way too seriously. I know what that is like. But then on the other hand I have gotten really into theatre stuff and been annoyed at people being really casual about it and not seeming to care so I guess there are too sides as always. What are the two plays?
  8. I wasn’t sure when exactly the wedding is or was today but congratulations to them and I hope you all had an amazing day I hope you will tell us all about it when you have got time
  9. Congratulations to your mum, and to your new stepdad, that is really great for them I am sure it will be a great time for you all and I hope all the changes go well and smoothly. It is a weird experience having the family change with a new step parent arriving, especially as you have that experience of moving between living with your mum and your dad if I remember right? But its amazing that you already have a good relationship with him and know him yourself and not just through your mum. I think that makes a huge difference and I hope your relationship with him stays strong and is not changed too much by him becoming something more to you and your mum.
  10. Well she married my dad at the start of the year, and we all moved into our house then as well. Which doesn't feel like long it seems like it has gone really quickly. She has two daughters who are still young. She is kind of strict with them in some ways.
  11. Its ok. I am not really sure exactly what if I am totally honest. Or at least not sure how to say it. I think that has been clear from all my confused posts here. Basically I think we have a good relationship now but it could be not a better one but a different sort of one. She is just really great, and I feel like I really look up to her and basically want to be her (cringe) but that kind of thing. I look at her and my stepsisters and think how great their relationship is. To be clear I don't feel like I am left out or unloved or anything bad like that, just I think I would really appreciate it if she felt like she could be my "mum" in all ways, not just in hanging out with me and doing fun stuff. I know she is there for advice and help if I ever went to ask for it but for some reason I am scared to in case it makes things awkward. If we just agreed that we wanted to try things different and she was a full on parent then I think that would be best, if that answers your question.
  12. I'm not sure. I mean I am happy with my life generally and I know I am lucky and blessed in a lot of ways so in that sense yes. But overall I think I would be maybe happier if it was a little different. That is basically what got me on this forum was trying to work out how to do that and if it would be worth trying to do it. Like you say maybe it changes over time but I feel like maybe it will only do that if you try and make it change, and I won't get what I want just sitting round waiting for it to happen?
  13. I meant to read this when it was first a topic but have only got a chance now we are back from holiday I have now and there is a lot that people have said that I can think about. I will try and answer for myself as well. One thing I have realised on this forum is about my dad and stepmother. I had kind of assumed they had just got together and were seeing how things worked out for us all as a family, but I realise they won't have been that careless and it won't have been so simple, they will have talked and worked out how they want things to be and thats why it has worked out. They must of put in a lot of work which I didn't see. Because of that I feel a bit of guilt or selfishness in wanting it to be different from what they have settled on, but I kind of do. The way it works now, my dad is still totally my dad (whatever that means lol), my stepmother is a part of our family but not with the same authority as a parent. It is kind of the same on the other side for my stepsisters, my dad is maybe a bit more involved because they are younger, but he dosn't really do "authority" anyway, and rn he is just there as someone for them to play with and annoy lol. So that is our dynamic.
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