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  1. Domi, after a while, nothing will suprise you anymore...
  2. ONLY TWO BOTTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o
  3. I tought we maybe should make a positive and optimistic thread and talk about happy things. What are some of your most happy familiy memories and why? ------------------------------- One of my most happy family moments is from when i was 7 or 8 or such and my parents had rented a Finca in Lanzarote (Spain) and i actually don't totally remember everything anymore but i do remember being at the beach and pool a lot and building sand castles and that there was such a cafe where i always got strawberries with cream. I also remember that i got some kind of action figure, just not sure anymore which one. And that the cactus that were everywhere were super huge and that i got to ride on a donkey lol. Not sure, but this is one of the memories i really like. I will share more later, so but what are yours@girls+parents?
  4. Reward for being a blonde.... :D (Altough in all honesty it doesn't really matter, a girl could have metallic pink hair and still get hit on)
  5. The best defence is, knee him in the groin or kick him really hard there. If that is not possible, try punching or squeezing. Not saying you should do that to a boy when it is only being goofy with each other, but like if he does something you really don't want and he won't stop.
  6. I don't really know what you can do to prevent this. I mean....you can try but often that ends in nothing getting done. I would say usally the best option you have if you are a girl is that you get the bouncers to throw the guy out. They almost always side with the girls
  7. Thats one of the reasons why crowd surfing is kinda "dangerous" if you want to call it that. I mean, if you want to crowd surf, you gotta be prepared, that some guys are gonna grope you. I don't really know how to prevent that, except maybe not crowd surf or going to gigs in groups?? Not sure what else a girl can do. Personally i never been at these infamous spring break party places, it not being a thing here in europe. But i read somewhere that it is pretty common there. ----------------------- Anyways, i have a personal, bad expirience with this. From about 2 years ago. During my cousins birthday party we later (us young ppl) went out to party some more in the city and we ended up at the Bernsteinbar. It really gets backed so there is barely any room to move. I was drunk some and got groped bad by a guy in a corner. Just as example to show that it gets pretty full in there during party nights.
  8. I don't think he deserves a chance at all. At first i was thinking that people should give him time, after he won. That it maybe just was a big show to win the election. That he could turn out to be a decent president. But i am not in favor of giving him time anymore. He did not stop acting the same way after he won. He is a big racist and sexsist and lies non stop. Even now he does lie and threatens people non stop. That is disgraceful for a president. If i was an american, i would feel ashamed of my country for electing someone like that. It is well known that the "media" and him are not on best terms. But reality is, he is hated by most of the population in the rest of the world as well. And not just that, by politicans as well. It is a really rare thing that politicans and populations agree on something. There wasn't just the biggest protest in american history. There were millions of people around the world protesting him. I never have seen someone so controversial enter the office of a major country. I mean, this is the USA we are talking about and not some backward banana country where nobody cares who is in office. I think the faster he is gone the better. I don't really care who else takes over, it can be a republican or a democract. Honestly i never tought i would see the level fall below Bush era politics. Now i would be happy to have Bush back.
  9. I am strongly in favor of being able to talk freely on this forum too. It is a very minor topic here? In my opinion, the problem on the other forum was that it was not moderated when people started to fight. As long as we all stay nice and civil, there won't be any problems. Almost all problems we had in the past here/over there was when ppl fighting and nobody with authority would step in. I think these days are over though.
  10. He should punch me and then win when we are having a boxing match
  11. You are right Ian that France has a stronger union/labour strike tradition than many other countries. In my opinion that is a good thing. Because it promotes a more fair balance of power in general. Not every action taken by workers in France is good, but that can be said about any place in the world. The reality is, that France has a very strong industrial base, they have world leading companies in many areas. And the people working there enjoy a better life than many people working in other countries. So perhaps that is not a bad thing after all? I mean, they do have laws and all. And if they act illegal, they do get arrested by police and such as well. So yeah, to me France is a good example of "We the people have the power". And every average person should like that. Because you won't get your fair share from the elite unless you are being a torn in their side. ----------------------------------- About spanking. Well yes it is more accepted in France than as example here in Germany. And in both countries, some parents still spank. But that doesn't mean, it is that popular anymore. Despite these surveys and such, i just know from talking to relatives and people in France, that at least the younger generations kinda frown upon it. So over the long it will decline there more and the same is true here. The same will happen in the US. Just slower than here. Politics will change as well. Because conservative ideas are mostly supported by old people. While younger generations in the majority support progressive ideas. That is not a bad thing. Maybe some day what is progressive now will be considered conservative. And then a new young generation will come and replace the current young generation who has grown old. Just the way life goes??
  12. Ian (First hellole, long time no see! ) But that is not really true what you said. Since Germany has had that ban installed, it has become less. It does affect people. Of course, some parents, like mine, still spank. It doesn't go away over night. However, it shows the general direction and that is the case in France too. Of course some parents will still spank. But less than before. And in the future it will drop off more too. Specially the younger generations are not in favor of it. I don't believe any country will ever be totally spank free. But compared to how it used to be, it has changed a lot. And it will keep changing into the no more spanking direction. -------------------------------------- Also what you say about France/Industry is not true either. You make it sound like there are no laws or no regulations in France. That is not true. I am sorry but you have no idea about France. Also, every country in europe is pretty different from the next one. Not just France. That doesn't mean i like you any less. But you are wrong on this one.
  13. I think it really depends on where in France you live lol. I am half french and we have a home in France and i have been there almsot every year while growing up. I would say that it is more accepted in the more rual areas, specially in southern France and less accepted in the more urban areas. It really depends on the generation too. I mean, honestly, most young people are against it. While prolly more middle aged or old people support it or don't care. Here in Germany it is the same in general. Only that the acceptance for it is even lower than in France. I was very little when they banned it here i think. Well my parents kept doing it, but in theory parents can get into bad trouble over it. I am not sure if it will be banned in the US. To be honest, most of europe thinks very differently about the world than the US does. Of course that is a generalisation. But in the long term, i think it will become less there too. Very few young people are in support of it in the US as well.
  14. I think that was pretty brave of her.
  15. I am a debater lol. But i might need to take it again :lol:
  16. Hi guys, thanks a lot. It's very hard for me to find time to post anymore these days, since i started working.
  17. My dad still does that to me, even though i am already in college..... Like just 5 minuts ago he asked me about the day and what is the plan and i told him i need to wake up some now. Then he was like, that is the same i said yesterday (I got to admit i was really lazy the past 2-3 days). And that we need to get some things done and that i shouldn't get caught up with stuff now. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Well, yeh, i guess, i am sorry to say that, but it won't get better. I tought it would when i finished HS. And it is kinda a bit better in some areas. But some stuff he still does.
  18. I wished my mom was still there.
  19. I disagree there, it is a really huge difference in my opinion Bulldog. I mean, when do we have to obey our parents? That mostly takes part when we are little children or teenagers. Later in life, the role of our parents more and more is that of supporters and mentors. While you should honor your parents even as adult, the obeying part, is mostly or completely gone. I honestly don't even know any other girl in rl beside me, who still has any rules or such at my age. I am sure there are others somewhere, but i only know of my case in rl. Anyways, when we are little or teenagers, we are not fully grown or able to be independant completely yet. At that point in life we need the care and protection of our parents, which would mean we have to listen/obey them to some degree and all. And like i said, good parents deserve to be honored even later in life. But yeah, that situation is totally different from how it is between an adult woman and man. I mean, at that point in life, you are both capable of fully living indepently and running your own life and all. I don't think the situations can really be compared at all.
  20. I pretty much agree with what Mimmo said about this all.... It is interresting, but there seems to be a divide in opinions in that other thread we talked about these things and this one between europeans and americans. Kind of funny somehow, or? :lol:
  21. Hey everyone Yesterday i went out to party and something happened and now i am not sure what to do and i wanted to ask for advice. So we celebrated my dads 68's birthday yesterday and that was all good, we originally wanted to go to a brazilian restaurant, but my stupid brother forgot to book there, so we ended up going to a very nice Trattoria called Rocco's. They make omg tasty very nice authentic italian dishes. So that was awesome. It was my family and my aunt and cousins and such, not to many people, but a few. So before we went there and there we had some open wines, so lots of wine, originally it was only planend go to for dinner, and then a bit later go home and all. I bought my dad a micro audiosystem btw, for his office, so he can listen to his audio books. He has tons of these. Nice to work and have one on. So yeah then we were back at my brothers place and more wine and all. And so my dad was kinda tired so he went down first. Being the eldest and all. Then like next my aunt went down and we send her home with a taxi. But us younger folks wanted to party some more and go out. But obviously only us over 18 could go, so my younger cousins and sisters went to home with a taxi too. I mean, they had lots of fun, so it was ok, for my little sisters and cousins, to go home and have a nice sleepover. No bars or clubs would let them come in with us, unless you know someone at that place really good. Anyways, so that left my brother and older cousin and his gf and all and me and so we went to party some. First we went to the H20 bar, then after to some smaller place, Laufsteg...and it was omg packed everywhere and loud and stuff...well...bars huh? In the end we ended up in the Bernstein Bar. Not the first time lol. But yeah so lots of vodka and beers later (though not for me, i hate beer, bah). Around 1AM my brother went down too and we send him to his place with a cab. And so it was just us 3 my cousin and his gf and me left and we stayed and danced and stuff until..4-5 or something. But kind of after a bit i somehow started to talk with this guy and all and we danced some and stuff and oh well he invited me for a couple shots and soo. Well i somehow ended up kinda kissing with him. Well not kinda, we did kiss lol. And he wasn't being sleazy or such. We just danced some, then danced more with my cousin and all, more with him again and now and then started to kiss and stuff. So, but after some time he gotta go and like i said, later we left too and my cousin wanted to walk some and hang around until morning until being sober until driving home. But by then my feet were killing me after dancing for the last dunno..6 hours or such, so i wanted to go home. So then i took a taxi and went home and all is good, dad is here and i am happy that he had a awesome birthday and my sisters and cousins were soundly asleep by the time i came home. So all cool with that. ------------------------------------------------------ But now uhm, i am kinda worried and feel guilty about last night. And i wonder if i should tell my bf about it or not. And also wonder if i should talk to my dad about it all or not. So since i really don't know, what to do, i tought, i would ask here to hear what people say?
  22. Yeah but i didn't want to go into a huge, Walmart bashing monologue lol.
  23. I think it is normal, that different cultures and countries have different ways to express themselfs and everything. Many of these developed over history and until recently, the world really was not globally connected very much. So everyone was kinda doing their "own" thing in their little corner in the world. Thats even now the case to a lesser degree. As example, the use of some words can be confusing. Like Russian or German or Armenian are much harder to learn/use than english. Like, Sie, can mean different things, depending on the context, it is not only a pronoun. It can mean she, so refer to a girl/female. It can also refer to a group, like they. It can be used when being more formal as a respectfully way to refer to someone. It even can be a last name.... Anyways, i think people know how i ment. ------------------------ Or, like as example, not just words but also facial expressions or ways of doing things. Like, when Walmart tried to enter Germany, they made a policy for their cashier girls, to always smile, like it is normal in the US. But they had to drop that one, after a short time, because, here you only smile when you are happy for real. I mean, this artificial curtsey smile is not very common. So, them smiling like being high, caused the problem that a lot of men tought the cashier girls were trying to flirt with them and of course would flirt back. Sooo, people see, how things, can be so different, in many countries.... (In the end Walmart failed epic btw and lost many billions and had to leave here completly cause they got crushed by their competitors, so we don't have them here anymore )
  24. Ma'am/Sir don't exist in my language and there isn't an equivalent word for it, so no big deal here.... When you are really little, you call teachers and such Mr/Mrs last name. But when you get older, most offer you first names. Dunno, i, kinda, was called Ma'am, when i was a mod, by some of the other girls and i hated it lol. No need for all this formality.... Real respect is shown and earned in other ways, than using some kind of titles and all, right? I don't insist on being adressed as her majesty either after all. :lol:
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