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  1. Because of my upbringing and how I was treated, I made sure to always talk to my girls as people, with respect and kindness. I expected them to listen to me and respect adults of course, but never to the point of blind obedience like I was.
  2. Because its not about trust, its about control. He has no issue with his younger son having sex. Id understand more if he framed it in some religious or moral argument but its just about her virginity being more like property honestly. Bottom line...hes a excon moron. Period.
  3. I was angry when I first heard about it, more so because of his attitude. He acted liked his daughters virginity was his property but has bragged about his son having sex. This is the same idiot that said the a woman couldn't be president because we are too emotional .....
  4. Sadly that's not just guys that age. There are men who see every women as a potential lay..and only that.
  5. Yup and that was my first thought when I did.
  6. I think every girl goes thru that. I remember in middle school out in PE the boys would put that white marking powder they use to make lines on the field on their hands and try to slap or grab a girls butt leaving a big white handprint or prints on our shorts...while also trying to avoid getting the s$@+ slapped out of them....ahh youth
  7. And they come in pairs too....just saying
  8. I'm always amazed how much info people put on social media, not just kids. Not just things like school info, but that they are going on vacation, what the inside of their homes look like, personal details that can be used to hack etc, It's scary/
  9. I would think that there should be more freedom and less rules once your in college. Obviously it all depends on how your situation is now also. I think being a good student and showing maturity should earn you some consideration. For me it was just like HS for the most part ( I lived at home), actually stricter in a lot of ways.
  10. That is true, kinda like a backhand compliment/insult lol. Another one is " He couldn't find his #@$ with both hands and a map"....
  11. I think as long as kids are respectful and not too out of the norm, I don't care if they call me by my name. I have younger cousins and my daughters friends that do that too, I don't mind at all. I remember cringing when some young teen first called me "ma'am" I still call my folks Sir and Ma'am, though that's due to our relationship.
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