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  1. That's how I thought about you putting this in. Always 'food for thought' even if one doesn't agree with everything. Kai
  2. Martha, you definitely haven´t come to the wrong place. There are so many issues in a teenager´s life and also in us parents´ lives for that matter. You are invited to bring in whatever worries you even if you see ten people talking about something else. Discipline is such a minor part in raising youngsters that you shouldn´t feel like the odd girl out because other things are in your mind. Every girl here and every dad and mum add another 'colour' to this place, and that makes it such a colourful forum. Kai
  3. Congrats, Maddi. And thanks for the answers above; I had the same problems in understanding as Natalie and not knowing about your system. Kai
  4. I wanted to read more but the link told me there´s an error. Kai
  5. You´re doing a great job here, Mimmo. A pity that we always get news about the problems we have to face because of the refugees. Your story should have a headline! Kai
  6. Texting while driving is one crazy thing, texting while walking is often another. There have been several fatal accidents in our country because of pedestrians not paying attention to the traffic around them. (Off topic?) Kai
  7. And what is wrong about that? Kai
  8. No, I didn´t. Your picture doesn´t scare me, I know it´s a sheep in a wolf´s clothes. Kai
  9. I see many beauties around here. Where´s the beast? Kai
  10. Maybe you´ve all heard about the scandal we had here mainly in Cologne and other cities at the parties celebrating the turn of the year 1915/1916. Kai
  11. The protest marches are in a way the seed of his own rhetoric sprouting now. Kai
  12. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Sophie, zu Deinem Geburtstag and all the best for the next year of your young life. Kai
  13. From Deutschland all the best for 2017 to all of you! Kai
  14. I also fear narrow places. Once visiting a coalmine near Oberhausen we went down 700 metres with the elevator. The first place we saw looked like an underground station, so no problem. But then the tunnels got narrower and narrower. I had to quit the last 20 metres because you really had to crawl to reach the proper workplace. Kai
  15. Some days ago my daughter and me had a wonderful walk together in our area. Last year we two had a great time together in London. Kai
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