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  1. It was brave of you to do this. Well done.
  2. Have you asked your stepmom for advice? What about for permission to do things? I feel those would be good ways to establish your relationship with her in authority. If you do something she did not give permission for, you could admit it to her, and say that you know she has to punish you, and see what she does.
  3. I may have missed this, but how old are your stepsisters? Is your stepmom punishing them with spanking? If so, have you talked to your stepsisters or your stepmom about it?
  4. What do you plan to do during your summer?
  5. Now that Hannah is 13 she is talking about getting social media accounts. I was wondering what parents and girls think about this, and about the pros and cons of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or others. What accounts do girls use for what? What rules do parents have for their girls?
  6. Katie's birthday is very close to Christmas, but I always do a cake for her, and Hannah was here last time for that. I got a cake for Hannah when she turned 12 shortly after she came to live with me, and I will, of course, do that again. I am also planning on going on a small trip with Hannah.
  7. Thank you all for your advice, particularly Natalie for her insights. I have been talking to Hannah a lot about this. It has been helpful to have a reason to talk to her about the kids at her school. I think she is not ready to have a party. In the coming weeks I am going to find some activities where she can bring along one girl at a time and where there is no pressure. For her birthday I am thinking about taking her on a small trip which I think she will enjoy. We went to a beach for a week over the summer and she liked it very much.
  8. My niece Hannah will turn 13 next week. As people may remember, she came to live with me after her mom died just over a year ago. I have posted on the forum about some of the problems she has had, but mostly she has been doing very well. I have been encouraging her to have a birthday party and I have made some suggestions about what the party could be like, including perhaps a sleepover. Hannah does well at school but does not seem to have formed close friendships. I sense that she is uncomfortable about inviting kids to a party. I wanted to ask for advice about whether I should push her to do it, or not. Do people have suggestions about good birthday party activities that would still work well even if Hannah is shy?
  9. I think maybe you are not using quite the right word in English. Maybe you mean 'embarrassed'. I hope you do not mind me commenting about your English. It is very good already but perhaps comments will make it even better.
  10. I am not sure what you mean by "trouble time" but I hope it is not too bad.
  11. This sounds awful. Is it the first time she has done this? I am sure you said but how old is she?
  12. Are you going to a new school? What makes you hate it? Do you like the teachers? What subjects do you like studying?
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