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    If you are interested in me, then the early years are covered in my entry in the Biography section of the forum under the title Natalie (04 September 2016).

    Keeping the story up to date, there's my "Just another 'A Day In The Life'" thread in Nat's Corner of the Members Corners section of the forum.

    Or some of my 2000+ posts will give you some insight into my thoughts and feelings on various topics.

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    Shout loudly!

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  1. Love this explanation and clarification Anna....and agree with you....although for me the only person with that authority was my father, but I think I can understand the way you feel better now.
  2. Not really seeing the image properly as the background to your club, just the top strip of it. For the Liverpool panorama I have as the background I use in my group I had to edit and resize the image to be 1000x140 pixels to get it to fit. You need something very long and thin!
  3. Good luck John, that’s must be awful to have that hanging over you...I hope it all works out for you.
  4. Wow! You sneaked that mega-news in very quietly. Do you have anybody specific in mind...(only joking, ) Wonderful news....congratulations to both of you. Love Nat
  5. I hope you feel better for typing it all out in detail...I think it can make it clearer in your head...there’s not really anything I can say to make you feel better..it’s such a personal experience and probably slightly different for all of us that have been through it...but I hope doing this thread and the thought process you have had to go through to tell us the details and your feelings about it will have helped you to learn more from the whole experience. Hugs Nat
  6. I don't have material plans as such...more sort of a resolution (is it too early???) to sort out my priorities in life. As I enter my 25th year I just want to stay happy and healthy and enjoy the company of family and friends...and cut back on the twelve hour working days....and things in life that cause me needless stress, anger and upset...and waste my time and energy...and really aren't that important anyway. I'm feeling drained physically and mentally (with five of those 12 hour days in prospect before Christmas and the same after up until the New Year...and evening keep fit classes too!), so I know things have to change. Like my fellow Liverpudlian J.L sang in 1980 "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"...and three weeks after it was released he was shot dead...you just never know what's around the corner... So my New Year wish to all of you is simple... Health and happiness. Gosh, cheer up Nat! Ooops, just read the question in the thread properly...got it all wrong again! Stupid mistake...always read the exam question properly before answering! Sorry Anna, I'll have to have a rethink...nothing springs to mind...and as you can tell the mind is wandering and I'm rambling...
  7. A warning from someone who has been there...my dad had those very same requirements...and written down here they seem perfectly reasonable and easy to follow...but it was the one thing I really got in trouble over time and time again...just forgetting sometimes and not ever realising how important a reassuring phone call was to him if my plans changed...he was just worried about me, but it's easy to confuse that with thinking he was being a bit controlling, especially if you are out having a good time with friends. I learnt eventually....a quick phone call was all he needed and I could have saved myself a lot of punishments a lot earlier...it's a good habit to get into... I still do it now, just to stop him worrying...I know he still does! Nat
  8. Call him dad as soon as they get back, and give them both a huge big hug ...he'll love it. So happy for your family. Love Nat
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