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  1. They went crazy here so now 2 weeks later we are at the red level for COVID 19 I hope in the next 2 weeks it comes down
  2. I just do not get this virus we shut down for 2 months may be a bit longer and the curve got flat so we reopened and now it is back so where does it go when we are all home ?
  3. Jonathon that is what is going on here as the news makes it sound worse then it is but still need to be careful . I think a lot of this spike here was due to the big protest that the news never talks about. so time will tell .
  4. Anna Yes it is getting bad here in Texas .Keep strong this will pass a lot had to do this all the protest that went on I'm sure so in a few weeks I think it will slow down I hope .
  5. Jack

    Happy Birthday Lynz have a great day !

    1. Lynz


      Thanks Jack. Getting old!

  6. Anna, Please think about this as this virus is still running wild I know you want to travel right now I would see if you can do something state side as many need help here. I hope you get to do what you want and can soon get back outside . Me saying to you to stay put is just my public servant in me
  7. Nice boat!

    1. Jack


      Like my cover I had a bass boat like that  it was fast on the water 

  8. There is never a bad day on the lake 

  9. Jonathon I agree I think 13 is a bit to early not to say it could not happen I think more like 16 and up it does slow down a lot
  10. Daylin that is right and learing when you do wrong at a older teen it is time to start older punishments for that not saying spanking shoukld be off the tabel but sure should be a last choice.
  11. Anna, I had to think this one over a bit before posting I think you are a very smart girl and will be going places as you grow up this whole spanking thing after 18 I'm not sure I agree with but you know your self better then anyone on this forum so I can not say that do or don't need it. My View is at 18 you are grown or should be close and may still need some punishment of some things I think it should be more on the adult style as grounding lost of money as a fine things that can happen in adult life. again you know better waht will work for you. I will say it schocks me how many men here think that is still good to spank after 18. you have to let your kid grow up at some point I know I wish I could have kept my girls 12 for ever
  12. Daylin that is a very good way to look at it
  13. Anna, I have give some thought to this first I think getting a spanking is never ladylike for any girl. That said we know that girls do get spanked and it not there best hour when it does happen I also think that most girls do learn from it . One thing I do not agree with is a man at school using a paddle on a girl it should be done by s female and someone must be in the room it sould be a female I do not agree with Men doing this at school. At home that is something some dad have that role to spank ground some Mothers just do not do it and say your father will deal with you. I do think how it is done should never shame the girl and I was one that never spanked bare I felt it was just not right and as the girls got older spankings got to be less and less but when it did happen I do think they did feel some respect because I did not do it bare and it still stings over underwear. so that is my thought on this .
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