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    My grand kids .. fishing Firefighting U.S. Navy my girls was my world when they was growing up

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  1. I'm a lite sleeper I can fall asleep fast I can wake up just as fast it does not take much. I hope after I retire that change where I can get more of a deep sleep.
  2. You will this is going to be a good year for you
  3. This guy is a jerk and I can not post what I really think because we have young girls here
  4. Marian I'm a Firefighter and my hours are not a 9-5 job
  5. Daylin here it is almost Mid October and we are still having days in the 90s and mid 80s I love south Texas summer year round well almost we have maybe 2 months of cold weather .
  6. Nat, you would like that . I do like some country also fun dancing music the Texas 2 step
  7. I like the music of the 60s 70s 80s not up on much more
  8. Martha, I think you are on the right track you are treated like a teen daughter and I'm sure if you get into some trouble your stepmother will take the right steps to deal with it I do think she would rather keep things like they are . Time will tell.
  9. I sure agree with Al And Amanda would be a very good person to talk to she is very kind and might be of some help I would also talk with Pookie and Natalie all 3 of the girls are great .
  10. Martha, I think Pookie has given you the best advice she is very smart and older now and knows how this worked for her. I think you can talk to some of the other girls here and learn a lot. As a dad I have learned a lot from you girls and that I'm glad .
  11. Abbie I will tell you if I had boys it would not be that way same for both. I do not get this boys not spanked yet girls are not in my book. I got it growing up till was 17.
  12. Abbie NO that one one boy needs to pull his pants up see this dad would be getting is shotgun about now LOL and you might be grounded till you are 40 LOL I know you are just having fun LOL
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