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  1. Ricky

    Hello Birthday John 

  2. Hi Rick,  I hope this is the right place to write and ask questions.  This new forum is still a little confusing. 

    I was just wondering how your kids are handling this Corona virus situation being stuck at home. I was surprised to see your picture with your kids buying ice cream from that truck. Those trucks are all banned over here because of the virus. Actually my town is like a ghost town,  everything is closed,  very few cars on the roads, absolutely nothing to do.  They don't even want you to walk your dog.  Now try explaining that to your dog. Lol 

    How are you and your wife handling everything with the kids being home? Any problems?

    My youngest, Jennifer,  lost it a few days ago after learning her prom was canceled,  and graduation is canceled , plus being stuck in the house. I felt sorry for her but she became such a pain in the butt I decided it was time for a private conversation in her room.  

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place and you don't mind the questions. 



  3. Anna, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Listen to Becky and Jon they always have great advice. Jimdad is doing his best to protect and teach you. I know in my heart he would never spank you if it wasn't necessary. Going from 3 months to 6 months is not crazy or weird. It shows me how mature you are becoming and it also shows me that even though you don't like to be spanked, you know it's the right punishment for you. Don't worry about it, just go out and have a good time, you're 18 only once.
  4. I have so much respect for you Bella. I know you went through hell as a teenager with your parents and moving out was the only way it was going to stop. But still, it must have taken tons of courage to just get up and leave. Not knowing if you would ever see your parents again, and what (punishment) could have happened to you if your parents caught you moving out.
  5. Pookie you're an amazing girl, (you probably knew that already). Your post is so accurate.
  6. Hi Anna, the more I read the more I say how lucky you are. Jimdad really cares and loves you like a daughter. It sounds like you guys had an awesome time in Aspen and it was a great bonding experience for the two of you.
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