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  1. My online presence says I used to spend way too much time on Facebook, Twitter, and Messenger. I closed most of my accounts and tbh I dont even miss them any more!
  2. There were plenty of times when I wasin a situation that put me in conflict with other people. The two options that were obvious were to butt heads with the other person, or simply turn around and walk away. I knew butting heads would get me in trouble, both at school and especially with my dad that evening, so I usually tried to walk away and tell myself it wasnt worth the bother, dont get involved, not my problem, etc. But most of the time that just wasnt gonna happen. Like if a bunch of students were picking on someone and they needed help, or somebody was getting blamed for something and I knew they didnt do it. I would consider my options for, maybe 1/10 second, and walking away totally wasnt on the list. If conflict was the only option remaining, then yeah there was gonna be conflict. I could never walk away from an unfair situation and say Its not my problem. I dont work like that, and I would be ashamed of anybody who did. Did I get in trouble for it? Yep. Get detention? Yep. Get spanked after dinner? Yep. Did it change my response when that situation happened again? Not a chance. I dont say that conflict is always bad. I learned a lot about myself from being in conflict, and being in situations where I had to make difficult choices immediately. I dont think anyone should go out of their way to find conflict, you dont need to do that, it will find you! The worst thing would be to go through a conflict scenario, and come out the other side without learning anything from it..
  3. Something I learned as a teenager was not to talk to your parents the same way they talk to you. That is a very quick way to get an attitude adjustent.
  4. Unreal. If he wants to know if she is a virgin, he should just ask her. If she is gonna lie about that, then a medical report isnt gonna help the situation. And now that she is 18, anything like that should only happen with her agreement anyway. If she says no more reports, then daddy will have to accept that. I wonder what he would say if she took a detailed photo and emailed it to him, with a tag like "See for yourself, daddy!"
  5. If your friends are allowed to listen to those songs, can you get one of them to download it and edit it? Just to put a BEEP or something over those words. There is plenty of free software that can do it. Then you can load those up and play them iinstead My dad was VERY strict about certain words, if I ever used them I was in serious trouble. Didnt matter if anyone else used them, or they were on TV or whatever. If I was heard using any of those words, my bum was toast
  6. Woohoo! Communication is one of the most important things in any relationship, and you opened a channel that both of you can use in future
  7. Martha, what happens to your bottom when you get spanked is obvious and predictable. What happens in your head is harder to understand, and almost impossible to predict because it is different for each girl. You can spend the next six months trying to predict how you will feel, and still get no closer than you are now. My suggestion is to think about it long and hard if it helps... then throw all that thinking away, and go with what your heart says will be best for you in the future. I cant tell you what that is, only you can do that. Perhaps your heart has already decided and now you are trying to talk yourself into it, or out of it?
  8. Martha, how would you feel about printing out this whole thread, and "accidentally" leaving it somewhere that your mum is likely to see it? I dont know what the outcome would be, but the subject would be well and truly on the table then...
  9. I was wondering if your stepmother was thinking the same thing. Maybe she is finding it difficult to bring up the subject as well, yeah? So if one of you brings it up, you may find the other person is thinking OMG I am so glad you raised that subject...
  10. Martha, one more thing - spanking for teenagers is a lot more common that you realise. But nobody wants to admit it, understandably, so everyone thinks they are the only girl it ever happens to...
  11. Jack, I can only say what worked for me. We can all give advice but only Martha can find the right way through this. Prayer is a good start (And so is bed!)
  12. I guess an obvious question is, does she spank her own daughters? If she does, what is her attitude to it? Does she get totally stressed about it, or does she treat it like a normal part of family life?
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