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  1. My online presence says I used to spend way too much time on Facebook, Twitter, and Messenger. I closed most of my accounts and tbh I dont even miss them any more!
  2. There were plenty of times when I wasin a situation that put me in conflict with other people. The two options that were obvious were to butt heads with the other person, or simply turn around and walk away. I knew butting heads would get me in trouble, both at school and especially with my dad that evening, so I usually tried to walk away and tell myself it wasnt worth the bother, dont get involved, not my problem, etc. But most of the time that just wasnt gonna happen. Like if a bunch of students were picking on someone and they needed help, or somebody was getting blamed for something and I knew they didnt do it. I would consider my options for, maybe 1/10 second, and walking away totally wasnt on the list. If conflict was the only option remaining, then yeah there was gonna be conflict. I could never walk away from an unfair situation and say Its not my problem. I dont work like that, and I would be ashamed of anybody who did. Did I get in trouble for it? Yep. Get detention? Yep. Get spanked after dinner? Yep. Did it change my response when that situation happened again? Not a chance. I dont say that conflict is always bad. I learned a lot about myself from being in conflict, and being in situations where I had to make difficult choices immediately. I dont think anyone should go out of their way to find conflict, you dont need to do that, it will find you! The worst thing would be to go through a conflict scenario, and come out the other side without learning anything from it..
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