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  1. The way it is supposed to work out tis that you are submissive to anybody higher up the ladder (aka food chain) than you., and everybody below you does the same to you. Plus it is good manners to respect someone you just met for the first time. That doesnt mean everybody higher up the ladder is entitled to spank you! Submitting is a very powerful gift, and only you can give that gift to somebody else. If it is taken, or forced, then its not submitting at all.
  2. This! There is NOTHING wrong with being submissive to people like that, if you CHOOSE to be. When you are 14, going over dads knee for a spanking can be one of the worst moments in your life. It is almost impossible for that 14yo to understand than when she is 18, she is still going to be spanked and she will be okay with that. But then when you are 14, it feels like 18 is never gonna arrive!
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  4. The coronavirus has knocked the world out of shape, and nobody really knows what will be different and what will be the same when the smoke clears and we can all go outside again. We will just have to wait and see. Jimdad coming into your life was not just a coincidence. Nor was your wanting to go on a mission. Things are obviously being set in motion for you, so sit back and enjoy the ride! When the time is right, the door will open. Currently the door is closed so I think you are meant to stay where you are, at least for the moment. Stop and smell the roses along the way, yeah?
  5. You are always in the right place to make a difference.  And the right time is usually now.  Do it.

  6. Lots to say on this but no time right now, I will waffle on a bit when I get the chance ...
  7. My dad has always been very open and matter-of-fact about spanking, and I think that was a whole lot better than trying to talk about it when one or both of us was angry or upset. Sometimes when I had pushed things right to the limit, we would sit down and have a long talk. The talk maybe ended with a caution that I was getting close to being spanked again. But otherwise he was say that a couple of minutes across his knee after dinner would do me some good. Yeah I knew he was right but that didnt make it any easier to discuss it
  8. There are so many different levels that this works on. People talk about what you get spanked with and how bad it hurts, but most of the time that is not the biggest issue. If you get spanked long enough or hard enough with anything, it is going to hurt. Way more important is how and why and especially who. Yeah the girl is gonna have a sore rear by the time it is over, but way more than that, she has gotta surrender herself as part of the punishment. Knowing and trusting the person who is gonna do it, makes a big difference.
  9. I have said this before, and it is still totally true - Nobody respects a wishy-washy dad. A lot of the spankings I got when I was 15-16 were for breaking the rules even when I knew exactly what they were. But I wasnt actually breaking them, I was testing them to see if they still applied. And I was testing my dad to see if he still intended to spank me for doing that.
  10. I dont think they are still here, but when I was 14-15 I would come on here and open a new topic and just let the words all come pouring out. I called them Another Rant From Pookie or Pookie Rants Again or things like that. Looking back a couple of years later I should have called them Teenage Girl Vs The World or Its Not Fair!!! Yeah I know what you mean, there were often conflicting feelings when I knew I was about to be spanked. Those feelings only got stronger when I was lying there waiting for the first smack We sometimes referred to me being spanked as "pressing my Reset button" which was pretty accurate. All those thoughts in your head when it was over, are important. Dont push them aside. Put them in a journal if you want. I used to talk at my phone when i knew I was gonna get it again, and pour out all the things I was feeling. When it was all over I sometimes made another entry about how I was feeling then, not always but sometimes. Then I would archive it, and delete it from the phone in case someone else found it And letting it out usually helped me get a grip on all those things flying around in my head...
  11. Hi Anna I am replying to several posts at once... > I felt like he was nervous too but trying not to show it. Yeah of course he was nervous! He had already planned on taking down your panties, but he wasnt sure how you would react when it actually happened (neither were you, yeah?) I figure it was an emotional roller coaster ride for both of you. > I didn't make any attempt to hide my emotions so I cried like I was 10 again. If you cant let go and cry while you are over a mans knee and getting spanked on the bare, when else are you gonna cry? > I should have said that jimdad spanked me really hard so I'd get a pity party instead. An after-the-spanking pity party was a great help when I was younger! > Sharing a room with dad when we went to Colorado gave us time to know one > another a lot more but a spanking really does open up a girl to being known > more deeply by the one spanking her. Some people think a spanking is just about getting your bottom smacked. But if your heart is in the right place and you have the right attitude about it, a spanking goes way deeper than that. It works on a level that grounding and extra chores will never reach. > I maybe fixated on the baring part more than I intended but any girl would > think about that the first it happened to her by a new parent. I know Martha > was thinking about it. As that moment gets closer, it is impossible to think of anything else! > The modesty loss is something I'll get used to. The first time is the worst. After you have been spanked a few more times, you realise there is nothing that he hasnt already seen. The same feelings are still there, just not as strong. > I wouldn't say the first spanking didn't rock my world at all. > Actually it did a little but not for the reasons I anticipated. > I don't care that much now about how dad #2 spanks me. I leave that up > to him. I feel I need to accept whatever's coming and tell him if I think > he's being too hard on me or whatever. Yep, that is how it is supposed to be. Feedback and communication is very important (in both directions) but when the time comes, you gotta trust him to do what is right and just leave it all up to him. > It helped that we talked about it before it happened and it helped that > he was honest with me that spanking is the go to. It is totally surreal to sit down and have a calm discussion about how and when he is gonna spank you. > I'm glad you understand that it takes a long time to think about it and > wrap your head around it after you get it. You know that and now I know that. There is a whole lot of new stuff in your head after you have been spanked. But you cant explain it to somebody who has never been there, never in a million years are they gonna understand. Its hard enough to get your own head around it!
  12. Welcome to the club Anna I said when you first joined, this is a good place to rant and let it all out. And yeah it helps a lot, especially the first time. Dont beat yourself up over making mistakes, we all do that. What is important is that you learn something from it. If you dont learn anything from last night, you will have gone through all that for nothing, and that would be bad You screwed up, you got caught, you confessed, and you got spanked. That's a lot to take on board. It sounds like JimDad has forgiven you now. Don't forget to forgive yourself too, yeah?
  13. Mine had to be always turned on I got those spankings :(
  14. Be careful with that, it can get you in trouble faster than you think it will. Like a little detour that only takes 5 minutes, just stop at the shops for a moment, or meet some friends and have a quick chat. Suddenly your phone is ringing and dad wants to know where you are, are you okay, you should have been home 35 minutes ago, we will discuss this when you get home If you say you are going somewhere, but you actually go somewhere different, and your dad finds out, dont try to make up some lame excuse. it never works. Does your phone have geolocation turned on? If you tell Jimdad that you are at the shopping mall but your phone says the call is coming from a downtown bowling alley, you are already busted...
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