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  1. I don't fall asleep unless I am basically totally exhausted. Sleep is definitely a problem.
  2. I wasn't afraid of or "in fear of" my parents, but you could say I had a "healthy 'fear'" of my Dad that could be interpreted as "healthy respect" of the unpleasant and sometimes painful consequences of my poor choices.
  3. My kids are grown now, but I don't think they or I would have felt that comfortable if we were all on here together.
  4. I wouldn't get them any phone before middle school age (begins 11 or 12 years old) and then I'd get them a non-smart phone (I don't think they call them dumb phones). By middle school age they were having sports practices, away games when we didn't know when they would be back to the school on the bus etc, so it was helpful then to have a phone that could call and text. They had smart phones later in high school. We did not allow any of them to have phones in their rooms after bedtime. The charging stations were in the kitchen.
  5. I allowed my girls to have a modest amount of make-up, but not overdo it. Even as pre-teens, so I am guessing 10 to 12, they started liking to play with some make-up. I would not have been the go-to person on how to apply it so I guess they would have asked their Mom. And I think I am probably not the only Dad who let their pre-teen girls give Daddy a "makeover" put make-up on me, my hair in barrettes and stuff like that and then laugh at how silly I look. As to who pays for it, they did. That was something they could use their allowance or earnings on.
  6. I've never actually understood the need for having 50 pairs of shoes either. My daughters and wife always had an extraordinary amount of shoes also. I bought everyone those shoe holders that hang over the back of a door. Those filled up instantly and barely dented the piles. For me, a pair of brown dress shoes, 1 pair of black dress shoes, 1 pair of tennis shoes, and a pair of hiking type boots pretty much covers all needs and occasions. Not counting my winter boots for snow blowing a foot of snow. I have no idea how many pairs of underwear they had but it was probably a lot. The Victoria's Secret 5 pair for $25 was popular. They would each get a pair. I used to get the coupons for free underwear and discounts sent to me because I was just there to pay the bill after my wife and kids picked out what they wanted.
  7. I think 7 seems like a good number. Do laundry once per week and you're all set.
  8. I am mostly afraid of heights, but not if I am securely strapped into something, like amusement park rides, like a roller coaster or that thing that slowly takes you straight up and drops you quickly. Anything above 10 feet up on a ladder, I'm out. As much as I would like Christmas lights on the top of my 2 story home, it isn't worth risking my life over it.
  9. I don't think I would eat the cookies in the picture in that link.
  10. http://www.dates.abouttravelingtheworld.com/special-holidays/national-underwear-day Just wanted to briefly mention (sorry, I stole that line), that yesterday was National Underwear Day here in the United States. Holiday was started in 2003.
  11. My happy memory is more of a fulfillment of a general promise. My Dad and/or Mom were always at every one of my brother's and mine games, concerts, school events, etc. At least one was there, both when possible, no exceptions. My Dad told me this was a vow he made to himself after his father never saw him play a game, and my Dad was a 3 sport athlete. His father came to a practice, once. I sincerely appreciated that and my wife and I vowed to do the same with our kids.
  12. I will say guys if it is a mixed group but not a female only group.
  13. http://abc13.com/news/man-distracted-by-electronic-device-dies-after-falling-off-cliff/1137181/ It's not just the drivers either. This man died when he walked off a cliff while looking down at his phone while walking.
  14. http://www.michiganautolaw.com/blog/2013/06/20/can-a-driver-legally-turn-left-on-a-red-light-in-michigan/ Here is a description of the law and the actual law for Michigan regarding turning left on red.
  15. You can actually turn left on red also in some cases, when turning onto a one way street.
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