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  1. I feel funny answering this. Let's just say I was older than 18
  2. I got engaged on the 4th of July so yep I have someone in mind lol
  3. Nothing much...just getting married
  4. His scoldings/talks normally consisted on him explaining to me why what I did was wrong which was the scolding part. He then talked about how I can make better choices next time and then allowed me time to expresss my feelings. Once done like you said we moved to the actual punishment which he used to drive his point home and punish my wrong doing.
  5. I would rather have a scolding from my dad. He stays on point. my mom was so dramatic and would repeat stuff. Though I would say my dad's sometimes took longer. Maybe it just felt that way though because I knew what was coming next and the scolding made it seem worse
  6. To me there is just something much scarier about a man about to spank you than a women.
  7. He gave harder spanks and more spanks
  8. My mom would spank at time or give another punishment i.e. a short time out or once some soap on my tongue, but almost always she called and spoke with my dad first. My dad was by far the primary disciplanarian and would tell me mom to go ahead and spank or more often would tell her he would do it. If my dad felt we needed a particular harder lesson to learn we waited for him and got a significantly more painful spanking than my mom gave.
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