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  1. I guess as long as it makes sense to him.
  2. Perry quickly but I need it to be pitch black
  3. I wasnt allowed until I was 13, even then my mom picked it out for me
  4. I don't mean to sound harsh but in this situation her feelings can't be taken into consideration. Her safety is in utmost importance and you were to be in an accident you will be glad you followed the law.
  5. I was raised to address adults by ma'am or sir or at least by their last name. That was until they told me I could address them differently.
  6. Nope I think that is another girl, but way to go for her.
  7. I seemed to have scored well enough on the interviews, so if guess it's a wait for the next step which is to see if I'm crazy and if I have a criminal past.
  8. Well in 2019 I'm hopeful I will be working for the state patrol
  9. She probably hides it from her husband and when he gets home tells him how she braved the heat with their manual push mower.
  10. I went to modify my post and accidentally deleted it.
  11. The traditional Mennonites are a lot like the Amish in many ways and in ways are a lot different. My grandparents do have electricity, but it is for necessities and not things like tv. My Aunt and her family are more like Beachy Amish, and well me and my family are where no one would know we were not just every day Christians unless you see us walk into the local Mennonite Church, but even then our church is not traditional and is a lot like a fundamental Baptist Church.
  12. I was allowed to start wearing it at 13 but I had to use more lighter tones and if it actually looked like I was wearing makeup then it was considered too much.
  13. I guess I never felt embarrassed by the word panties or underwear,or whatever you want to call them. I mean we all wear it, and it's not a secrete.
  14. I guess I never gave it much thought. I think there are worse things to be called lol
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