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  1. I checked the Norwegian regulations just for fun. They set the limit at 1.35 cm ≈ 4’ 5” (so a little less), which I think means that a driver may get fined if she/he gets stopped with a smaller child that is not in a seat. But, of course, what is legal and what is wise do not always coincide!
  2. Glad you had a good and productive chat with your stepmom. A lot seems to be up to you now. What kind of person are you and how likely are you to get in trouble? You seem very mature for your age, but that isn't all that matters. Even mature people flare up or do stupid things now and then, and "trouble" isn't decided by your best behavior, but by your worst.
  3. The girls on here with similar experience can probably give you much better advice than I can, but I just want to say that I am really impressed by your attitude. You are open-minded, taking your time, and taking a full look at all alternatives, and I think that is what is important in this situation. Even though she is an adult, your stepmother may be as uncertain as you are about what to do - she may not feel it right to enforce her own rules on you, but on the other hand it is very difficult to bring up kids in the same household according to two different sets of rules. There was a rather similar case earlier this year with Mary Lillian, but she never said much about what happened (except admitting that she had been spanked by her new dad).
  4. I'm an architect, it seems. What a pity I can't draw ...
  5. Happy New Year, everybody! I'm quite safe and sound ;-)
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