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  1. Seems to be the way my family thinks for sure
  2. Eric comes from the same country as I do so it doesn't sound very promising, lol.
  3. Im 18 and I hope every time the last one was the last
  4. Yes, it sure was a different thing going back to being over a knee but I somehow adjusted to it after some time. It don't happen very often now but its still an option.
  5. Like others have already said, you seem to be a very mature girl. I know how you must have felt the first time being punished by someone not being your biodad, I have been there too. Im so glad for you having found a new dad that really seems to love you and care for you. It sure hurts but I hope you won't need it much and I think somehow this will bring you closer too.
  6. The prospect of conscription is low, its really tough requirements. No, my school didn't have any information about it but every teenager get information sent home and a document to fill in your personal data and stuff.
  7. I was thinking about it but maybe its not something for me..its really high demands for being accepted Ive heard.
  8. Is there any other girls here that have done military service or are thinking of doing it?
  9. Thank you! :-) Its only those that get selected that have to do it and I wasn't selected. I was thinking of doing it voluntarily but I changed my mind
  10. I will graduate from HS , take "studenten" this spring Then I will try and find some work, maybe in a restaurant or something like that. I hope to save enough to travel maybe in a year or so.
  11. Im really happy for you, Anna! It seems to work out so well with your new dad
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