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  1. Hi Kristie!


    welcome! Take a look around. Lots of cool stuff here! It is a place to share private stuff that you don’t want to share with friends.

  2. Anna, We all want to know what you did. Did they call your parents? Hard to comment unless I know what you did.
  3. Anna, If you are interested in political science why don’t you take a course? Political Science programs offer lots of cool internships, easy to get an idea if a career in government or politics is for you. Also it is an election year so you could spend the summer and fall working for a candidate. Some people even get paid doing it. What do u think?
  4. Anna, Sounds like you have lots of choices.Nothing is permanent. Do you want to get out of your house? College can be good for that. Or you can do college part time and work part time. That is what I have done. Or you could volunteer. So many choices? Just pick one and go with it. If you hate it do something else.
  5. Sounds familiar but I don’t think it is very fair! Where do you come from?
  6. For me I don’t want anyone to know about what happens at my house at all!
  7. Anna, Was spanking number 2 very similar in procedure to the first spanking? Your new dad seemed to be comfortable giving you a spanking(was he?). Does he have kids and has done this before or are you his first victim? He just use his hand or something else? If you are like me, I am guessing you have not told your friends about getting spanked by your new dad. The forum really helps in being able to talk about stuff you don’t want to share in person.
  8. Anna, Are your new dad's spankings the same as your birth dad's? I mean like how are they different? Does Jimdad listen more?is he more stern? Or is it almost the same thing except a different person is doing it? Hope you understand my question. Beth
  9. Anna, I know what it is like to have a stepdad move in. Even though I knew spanking would happen, I didn’t really process it till it happened. When it did there were lots of emotions, shock and embarrassment. But I guess I knew there would be consequences for my behavior once he was in the house. I guess you have had a similar experience. You mentioned when your new stepdad punished you that you were worried he would use the belt. Was that just your paranoid concerns as it was happening or was it a real concern? Did your dad or mom use the belt sometimes? I hope not! The belt is really bad news! Beth
  10. Anna, Your mom didn’t join you on the trip?
  11. Anna, What new restrictions has your new dad imposed, aside from an earlier curfew? Are they all ok or are some difficult?
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