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    • Forum rules (updated 11/4/19)   1- THIS IS A DISCUSSION FORUM.  ALL MEMBERS ARE EXPECTED TO POST ON THE FORUM. LURKERS WILL BE DELETED.  2- If it's discovered that you have more PM's than posts, your account will be deleted. 3- No anti Christian or anti spanking posts. 4- No contact information in your posts or your profile. 5- No harassing, bullying, or insulting of other members, AND NO JUDGING OTHERS.  If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.  6- No using the PM system to contact other members offline. 7- No advertising or promotion of other sites or forums. 8- No public complaints about the forum, other members, or moderators. Report all posts and/or members that you have concerns about.  9- Any member may be removed at any time for any reason. Usually I remove people who don't post or who seem fake. 10- No single men unless you have been invited here by the forum owner or a member who has communicated with the forum owner and you have responsibility for raising a girl. 11- No relatives of members may join without prior permission and verification of the group owner. 12- No signing on to this forum under more than one user name. If you are found posting from the same location as another member, both members will be deleted. 13- Use of a proxy server to hide your IP address from the forum owner is prohibited unless you contact me first. 14- No members under the age of 13. 15- No political discussions, please. 16- No groomers or LGBT propaganda.
    • Welcome to the Raising Girls Forum! With nearly 500,000 visitors, 118,000+ posts, and thousands of topics, we are the number one discussion forum on the subject of raising girls!    This is a support and discussion forum for those interested in raising girls in a conservative and traditional manner. We discuss loving punishments, including spanking, in a manner that's supportive of parents and girls. We focus on the positive aspects of discipline and how discipline helps build a girls' self-esteem and happiness.   We believe that discipline without love is pointless and that ineffective or non-existent discipline is neglect.  We believe that spanking can be an effective and beneficial form of discipline when given with love and care. We support parents who spank and girls who get spanked, as long as such punishment doesn't abuse or belittle the girl. We support non-physical forms of punishment as long as it doesn't abuse or belittle the girl. We believe that all girls deserve to be raised in a family where they are encouraged to flourish. We believe that all girls should be encouraged to be a part of groups that build their self esteem and provide discipline, such as sports groups, school groups, and church groups.   Please join us if you share these beliefs. Please don't join us if you don't, because you won't be happy here.   We are particular about who we accept as part of our community, and we don't tolerate drama, trolls, or role players here!   Thanks   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For more information or to report a problem with your account: Jonathon@raisingchristiangirls.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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