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  1. Are you sensitive to small sounds? If you ever shared a room, did it affect your sleep? I've always been super sensitive and it certainly does no good to your health and work/study efficiency in the long run.
  2. Not at all, I think. That's probably just a coincidence that the forum's founders were girls and parents who had only girls to raise, so they created a small space to discuss things. A topic or a forum section on boys' upbringing would be great indeed.
  3. Perhaps her understanding of "commitment" differed from that of the boys.This is way too complex nowadays. The official statics, though, tells that every person, regardless of how self-centered they are, eventually finds a long-term partner. I wonder why this is so (or whether statistics is correct - because life sometimes tells otherwise), but still.
  4. No, nothing's wrong with hi-tech. We were just discussing the origins of this phone boom, how it emerged virtually out of nowhere and quickly acquired worldwide success. Which was, interestingly, not the case with many other helpful things.
  5. It is a consequence. Personal tech like smartphones weren't invented for these purposes, they were adapted later.
  6. I heard chattering was the first thing people did with the first ever line-phone, so any technology can be used for fun and be addictive. But I really wonder who was the first to purchase such thing exclusively for their children to own - kids may be glued to phones today, but they certainly did not desired them before they were marketed mass scale.
  7. I thought it was already banned in most of Europe. Don't know how it affected the practice in private schools and traditional families, though.
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