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  1. My parents do this sometimes that I truly hate : the most irritating thing is the sound of their voice when they ask me to do something in front of other people. This voice is very different from how they talk to them. And I don't mean a loving caring voice but more like a "remember who's in charge " way of talking. I learned not to talk back with time but sometimes I just can't when they talk to me like this in front of friends or family.
  2. I found this absolutely ridiculous, intrusive and offensive. The man must be sick...
  3. I have some pocket money each month and I like to spend it in clothes or coffee / tea with friends.
  4. So how ? And how are they special ? I just want to understand your point.
  5. I don't think social medias are bad, it's just the way some use them that can be bad.
  6. I think most differences between men and women are social behaviors.
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