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  1. While I am not a greater sleeper in general, I usually sleep well 5 or 6 of the 7 nights in a week. As regards falling asleep, I usually try to already fall nearly asleep on the sofa. If I manage that, I walk to my bed and will then sleep within 5 minutes. On the other hand, if I wont sleep within 5 minutes, it may take up to 1 hour. During the unfortunate nights I do not fall asleep within 1 hour, it could take 3 to 4 hours unfortunately, which means I cant sleep for moat of the night. Luckily that does not happen very often.
  2. Good inspirational read, even though some rules seeem to "double up". Isn't there a similar list available for mothers of girls ;-)
  3. Talking is just one way of communicating with your children. The main point in communication is that you make your point in a way that is as pleasant and polite as possible. From this point of view, your talking should be adjusted to the age and matureness of the child, as the recipient of the communication. This will be my guideline for talking to my daughters, even though they are not yet teenagers.
  4. Thanks DaddytoMyTwo,I am glad to hear exercises do help you a lot. Not sure though how to adapt this for my daughter. I am going to try yoga for children now, which may also help.
  5. Thank you, DaddytoMyTwo, for sharing this personal experience. May I ask what your extensive exercise regimen is made up of? And whether the regime is useful for adults only or could be adapted for children? Congratulations on the promotion of course :-)
  6. This seems rather idiotic to me. I always learned that the hymen may be torn by other than sexual activities, such as horse riding, wheras the hymen being intact has nothing to do with a girl actually being a virgin or not. The reverent has it right, it should be about developing responsibility. Frankly, I am generally not a big fan of rappers anyway...
  7. On another note: what do you feel is an appropriate age to let children start with social media at all? I woul d think 12, under strict parental supervision of course. But this is just my guess. What do you think?
  8. I tend to agree eith BigAl, that there is probably no readon to reject medication entirely. However, whereas there is medication availabl for ADHD, I amnot aware of any medication for ADD. Would be glad to hear it if you have different information on this.
  9. Thank you all for sharing personal insights and experiences in the field of ADD and ADHD. While I rejected medication at first, there are apparently also positive experiences, next to the bad ones. So I should maybe not reject medication right away. In any event however, I have seen great benefits from the sensory integration therapy that my daughter follows since 2 years, and which therapy I would wholeheartedly recommend to any child and parent suffering from ADHD / ADD.
  10. Now my oldest daughter has always had difficulties with focus. Lately, at the request of school, this has been further investigated by a specialized psychologist. She did nit reach a very clear conclusion, but she stated that my daughter most likely suffers from some sort of attention deficit disorder. She may outgrow this, but perhaps never entirely. Now my husband and I are agaist pills for treating her, as this is not a disease in itself. Instead, we are looking for alternative therapies, including neuro feedback, yoga for children, kinesiology and sensory integration therapy. My question: has anyone experience with girls with ADD, and if so is there a particular treatment or therapy that you have found particularly effective? Many thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.
  11. Could anyone enlighten me on the difference between pocket money and an allowance? Although my daughter is only 8, I give her weekly pocket money since she is 7. I received that myself also from the age of 7. It has several advantages in my view. It enhances mathematical skills and teaches children to save and treat money responsibly. The sole restriction I have set is that she is not allowed to spend her pocket money on sweets and candy.
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