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  1. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/valerian-root Try valerian root. It is an ancient herbal remedy. You should be able to buy it in pharmacies and drug stores. Be careful if it comes in the form of drops; the alcohol content is about 45%.
  2. Interesting. But 50 rules? Way too many. I gave up well before the end. A timely reminder that the art of good writing is knowing what to leave out.
  3. I dare say a lot of people are reluctant to post about religion or politics because they are afraid of being attacked by people who find it difficult to discuss such matters in a civilised manner. There is too much hatred and intolerance in the world.
  4. That is good news. Well done, Martha!
  5. I don’t think there is a rule against posting links, is there? Assuming they are safe and appropriate of course.
  6. Hi Martha I think it makes a lot of sense if you decide to go the "old-fashioned way". From what you have said, it seems that you feel the need to be subject to some sort of external discipline. You need someone to exercise proper parental authority over you - someone to lay down rules and impose consequences if you do not follow them. Maybe you feel that your dad has been a bit too easy-going and has let you get away with things that should not go unpunished. It is quite normal for a girl of your age (13?) to feel that way. As to what the consequences should be if you misbehave, I infer from what you have written that your step-mother's preferred option would be some form of coporal punishment (smacking or spanking) and that you are maybe inclining towards the view that she is right in this respect. I also think that this may be the best option in the light of what you have told us. You are right about grounding. Whenever we tried grounding it just made everyone miserable and sulky for the duration of the grounding. A spanking, on the other hand, involved a few minutes of major unpleasantness for parent and daughter, followed by a few hours' discomfort for the girl, but once it was over that was it. The air was cleared and everybody could get on with their lives. Perhaps the most difficult thing for you at the moment is that you have no idea how unpleasant a spanking will be. Fear of the unknown is a major factor. All I can say is that your step-mother will probably go fairly easy on you the first time. She sounds like a reasonable person and you seem to have a good relationship with her. You are also probably worried about the embarrassment of being spanked. All I can say is that that is nothing like as bad as some people imagine, especially if you have a postive frame of mind about the process. I hope you find this advice useful, along with the advice from other Forum members. Let us know how things go. Dave
  7. I don’t have much to add. You have already got some very useful advice and support from Pookie, Amanda and Nathalie. They have all been through something similar and not only survived but emerged the stronger for it. All I will add is that if you get some parental direction and maybe some discipline when it is needed during your teens it will certainly not do any harm and will probably turn out to be beneficial.
  8. I just re-sat the test. Same result as three years ago. Mediator. As I said last time, "failed mediator" would be more accurate. I must say, I like this part of the conclusion. Few personality types are as poetic and kind-hearted as Mediators. Their altruism and vivid imagination allow Mediators to overcome many challenging obstacles, more often than not brightening the lives of those around them. Mediators’ creativity is invaluable in many areas, including their own personal growth. I'll settle for that!
  9. What exactly are champs? Some sort of championship?
  10. Can anybody explain why the "see more" button on Facebook doesn't work? With long posts only the first few lines appear. Then come the words "...see more". I click on that and the page changes but I don't get to see the rest of the post. This is not a new problem. People have been raising the issue on the Facebook community page for 6 years. Nobody has given a useful answer. The success of Facebook baffles me.
  11. I am quite relieved to hear that Big Al also finds the profile settings complicated. I find the whole thing baffling. I thought it was just me. And I hate the way they notify all your "friends" every time you post something. To me the mystery of Facebook is not that young people have deserted it but that people of my generation are still using it.
  12. Facebook seems to have lost the current generation of teenagers. Does anyone know where they went wrong?
  13. I have never been able to see the point of Facebook. I also find it complicated and never know who can see what. I detest the way they bombard us with messages suggesting we might like to be "friends" with people we have no connection with. Why should I want to connect with a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend? I am glad to see that young people have little interest in Facebook.
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/aug/17/teens-get-a-bad-rap-the-neuroscientist-championing-moody-adolescents Here is an article about a woman who has studied the adolescent brain.
  15. Why is everyone so certain that it wouldn't work for Ethan and his daughter? It probably wouldn't work for most of us but it might work for them. We are all different.
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