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  1. Maybe this guy should just buy a chastity belt for his daughter and throw the keys away.
  2. I forgot to mention this last week. This jerks daughter unfriended him from her facebook account once this story went public. Another bit of information. I read some years ago the hymen can be surgically reattached. If I remember correctly this procedure started in Brazil and has become very popular in Brazil.
  3. Yup, I know exactly what you mean. It's almost like you are your parents servant.
  4. The more I read the more I'm getting sick to my stomach. This is totally ridiculous. Where's the trust? If the parents did their job the right way and educated their daughter about sex, she would make the right decision.
  5. Excellent information Lisa. Years ago I worked with young girl who would occasionally come to work with black and blue marks on her arms. She always had an excuse, banged her arm on something, someone bumped into her. Then one day she came in with a black eye and said it was from her cat. Supposedly she slept with her cat and he accidentally hit her eye with his paw. Three weeks later she called out sick for two days or three days and when she finally came in it wasn't a pretty sight. She had two black eyes, her face was still swollen in places, black and blue marks all over both arms and one very nasty looking black and blue mark on her leg right above her ankle, and she still had visible cuts on her lips. She finally admitted to us that it was her boyfriend, but she still loves him and he didn't mean to hurt her. Please be careful girls, if any boy or guy tries to hurt you it's time to say goodbye, tell your dad, and even call the police.
  6. Hey Peter a question for you. Did you have any kind of birthday party for Katie, even if it was just a birthday cake since Hannah has been with you? If the answer is yes, how do you think Hannah will feel if you did something for Katie on her birthday and you don't do anything for her birthday? I'm not saying you have to have some huge party but at least buy her a birthday cake and take her some place special.
  7. Hi Peter, I love birthday parties and Hannah deserves to have one, but you can't force it on her and please don't. There could be a dozen reasons why she doesn't want to have a party and just maybe Hannah could be still grieving over her moms death. It is a possibility, No one really knows how Hannah feels deep inside. Maybe she still doesn't feel like celebrating without her mom. Have you asked Hannah if her mom had birthday parties for her? It's also a possibility that Hannah still hasn't made any friends at school. I'm not talking about school friends that you only see during a school day. I'm talking about some close friends that she can confide in, talk about something personal, talk about girl stuff, and friends that she would want in her home. Don't force a party on her but I would insist on you making her birthday a very special day for her, treat her like a princess. Why can't you and Katie have a little party for her? Just the three of you, and have a birthday cake with ice cream and cookies and some gifts for her. I bet Hannah would love it.
  8. Now I know for sure I'm getting old. What happened to the days when 10 year old girls were still playing with dolls and dress up with their friends? Now they want electronics. I'm not totally against a 10 year old having a phone with some limitations. My big concern is, what is your daughters school policy with having a phone in school? And will she be glued to it 24/7? I think Erica got her first cell phone when she was maybe 13, which meant Jennifer was probably around 10 when she had one and that was only because whatever Erica had Jennifer had to have too. At the beginning it was stressed to them that their phones were to be used only in case of an emergency. What a mistake that was, I forgot that "everything" is an emergency for a teen and preteen girl. Lol Now today it seems like they grab their phones before they even get dressed in the morning. I'm waiting for the day that they actually forget to get dressed in the morning and go to school in their pajamas because they are so busy texting. Oh well, we live in a world of technology today. As far as giving a 10 year old, I don't have a problem with it, but with some rules. No phone during classes, not staying up all night texting, no phone at the dinner table, and see if she can follow the rules. Good luck.
  9. OK back to the original topic. I never had a problem with Erica and Jennifer wearing makeup as long as they don't look like a circus clown, and trust me there were a few times they did. I remember once when Erica tried makeup for the first time around 12 or 13 I asked her if she was planning on running away to join the circus. She asked why, and I said because you look like a clown. I remember my wife trying so hard not to laugh at Erica, I should have taken a picture of her. My wife sat down with her and taught her how to apply just enough makeup. So, my girls started wearing makeup around 13, and good old dad gets stuck paying for all the makeup bills. I do have one small request with their makeup, no crazy colors. I work with a lot of girls between the ages of 18 and 25 and some of them wear such bright florescent color makeup it almost hurts my eyes. Lol
  10. Lol, I sure do remember that list of what women can do to impress men. Boy, those were the good old days. HaHaHa Now it's just a memory.
  11. There goes my dreams of becoming an overnight millionaire. Lol
  12. Hey Natalie, I'm thinking between you and Alma I should invest in some bra & panties stock. I'll become a millionaire in no time. Lol
  13. Hey Alma, 214 pairs of panties, 64 bras and you want to buy more. Did you ever consider buying a lingerie store? Lol Remember, I'm teasing you. Lol
  14. Hey calm down. I was only teasing you.
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