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  1. My first reaction was complete shock and disgust! If I had to go to the doctor to prove I was or wasn't a virgin because my father not believing me, then he would lose my trust. To me this is more about abuse of parental power and shaming a female for being a sexual being. Especially if he brags about his son having sex. This kind of mentality damages females psyche and mental well being.
  2. It is a lot of fun! so is jumping off the fence too but its a little wonky so it shakes sometimes and that's risky. It is something that dads are more like to be ok with doing once maybe but that's it and moms never lol
  3. Why aren't you ok with short skirts and dresses? What about bathing suits?
  4. I like those too! Did you hear that Forever 21 is closing? some good sales on now but no returns or exchanges even ;(
  5. we have a heater for our pool but dad doesn't like using it that much because it's expensive so gotta be careful about that but we use it in the spring and fall a bit. we only get to use our pool from may to October maybe
  6. why doesn't your mom let you wear anything short at home? What about in your room or lounging around? We have a pool so maybe it's different because when its hot out I like swimming or even just jumping in and cooling off so I'm in a bathing suit a lot
  7. thats the trick right trying to wear what I want and not get in trouble for it
  8. I love leggings and tights! they are the most comfortable thing ever right? My sister and mom wear them all the time too so it's ok I wear them. Well, my sister and me were them more than my mom but they are also lounge around clothes too. More in the winter than the summer. Some brands are more see thru than others or just the longer you have them and wash them the more they get see thru that's when dad starts having an issue and he does even other times going out if my bum's not covered. He's pretty cool about them in general though. I know my sister had a harder time than me for clothes because she's the oldest so she fought the battle and I get the reward Yay for not being the oldest! I did have some battles and still do sometimes about some of my shorts or skirts that they say are to short but its the style. With the skirts I can wear leggings or tights under and then take them off when I'm out if I want. I don't really have one set style because I like being sporty and stuff but I also like being girly sometimes lol I sundresses and skirts and tops are fun and so are longer dresses in the winter or chiller times. But like Martha said my parents are more about whats appropriate usually. However I don't see anything wrong with a skirt belt and bra top
  9. yeah it is fun but gotta hold on ! Ive been in the back and it's wild! even just going a little bit its fun because it's not something I get to do a lot.
  10. Exactly! I've used that argument when I've been in trouble doing things that I thought were safe or fun or whatever and my parents thought otherwise.
  11. Yeah I guess the most important thing is her safety overall but also maybe try to change the colour of it or disguise it so it's not so easy to see? Or stop around the block so she can change seats before she gets to school? What do small adults do?
  12. Smartphones are expensive yes but if you get a plan then you can get them pretty cheap or even free. I know here in Canada we get ripped off for our phone rates and plans. It's super expensive when you get the extra warranty protection but its worth it because the phones are so $$$. My parents don't track us but they do ask to randomly see my phone or if they ask to have a look at it I can't say no. So gotta be careful
  13. We have a rule for our soccer shorts that anything under the short has to be the same colour as the shorts. So you cant wear pink panties for example or even like blue compression shorts if you're soccer shorts are black.
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