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  1. Can't sleep if there is random noise like voices and automobile traffic unless I am really, really, really tired. Some noise such as Gaussian white noise, a fan whir, even train in the distance can help me sleep. When travelling I bring a small portable fan for the hotel room. Always did that when commuting to the office when I worked (normally worked from home). Motel 6 attracts noisy guests sometimes and the walls are thin LOL. Sometimes I use foam ear plugs.
  2. Too cool. So sad that many fathers of girls are too self-centered to even practice 10% of this list. Their loss, however, when their daughters are grown and have kids. They then they wonder why "grandpa" is ignored. We reap what we sow. Monique disowned her bio-father several years ago and is totally okay with it. He was a sad, pathetic, man.
  3. Not to mention the emotional harm he's causing her.
  4. Yes indeed, social media can be vehicle for positive things. It can also be a vehicle for social engineering, opinion shaping, and thought control, which I find scary. There is a lot of pressure to bear on the owners of companies like Twitter in defining it's use and content. Same with Facebook. This whole new communication paradigm in the last 10 years has brought forth many potential bad uses in my opinion. Specifically, control over the dissemination of information and the content. Can be both good and scary. Furthermore, the definition of "good" and "scary" can vary among individuals. We had a brief but interesting discussion last night in the men's discipleship class. Pastor mentioned how on Facebook you post something about politics of religion and you'll get not very many comments. Yet, post a picture of a cute cat or a nice meal, you'll get all sorts of comments. Goes to show human nature and how some are afraid to publicly take a stand.
  5. Good story. I liked the story about the rabbi. Good stuff. Jack Dorsey of Twitter is also talking about "banning political speech", or something to that effect. Bad stuff.
  6. Now that's a use I like! Have a lot of FB friends from my church too. Including the pastors. Kinda inspirational to see their news feeds upon opening FB.
  7. I took your poll there, Martha. Work-related was hard to answer because I'm retired. so chose "Other". I do plan to get a part-time job though...
  8. What was that song... "Boogey woogey Company B"? Something like that. Your post gave me a 70's or 80's partial flashback.
  9. The key thing in my opinion is to not reject medication treatment entirely. I think you are taking the best approach and if non-medication therapy works then by far that is preferred. Being associated with the local public school system I see kids that clearly need intervention. Some get it but parents refuse to medicate them. Net result is they are not able to learn as well and are often disruptive to other students. My grandson with ADHD/Asperger's/Social Anxiety Disorder has done very well with Focalin to control the ADHD and Fluxotine for the anxiety. Focalin has fewer side effects than other ADHD meds and Fluxotine has been the perfect anxiolytic for him.
  10. "Pocket money" and "allowance" are two terms for the same thing.... parents issue so much money to their child or children periodically (each week, month, whatever). Sometimes they require chores be done in exchange or sometimes they use it as a punishment tool by withholding it. I think 'pocket money" might be a more British or European term, where "allowance" is definitely an American term.
  11. Sabrina had TikTok and I made a video or meme with effects that cracked her up and her friends as well. She also told me about "VSCO Girl", and the criteria for being described as a "VISCO Girl", but I forget what it was. Kids.
  12. I remember when they'd cut snips from some rock songs so they'd have shorter play time on the AM and FM radio. That was really annoying and sometimes it was a treat to hear the long version. One such song I recall was Watcher of the Skies by Genesis.
  13. Oh man, you and my granddaughter would be best buddies! She used to do that at 14 and I think still likes to try different things then put photos on Instagram.
  14. Makes total sense. I remember at age 12 not being able to watch certain TV programs because they were too violent. I think I was 13 or 14 before my mom let me watch some shows I could not when younger. Maybe your mum will change her tune (pun intended) when you are a little older. For now accept it for what it is and hey... maybe you can sneak a listen using your friend's phones.
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