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  1. Both leggings and skirts, if they are too exposing.
  2. I have had some arguments with mom about leggings, she dont like me wearing them and I really love them.
  3. I don't mind you asking For me it was hard adjusting to when it started but now I feel more like that it has been working for me, I hate it when it happens but I feel that it helps me to like grow up Id guess
  4. Im 18 now. I really hope the discipline part is over now I haven't talked much about it here, its a bit unusual Id guess... I thought it was only for kids too so it was hard adjusting to it when I was 13 too for sure.
  5. If he disciplines me? Well.. yes he does. Its a long story, it started when I was 13 too Have you been spanked sometime earlier?
  6. Yes, I feel he cares for me and wants my best and I can talk with him about everything, even when Ive done bad things. I hope you can get really close to your new stepmother too, Martha. It seems like you are making progress with that? Are you afraid of that she may discipline you?
  7. He is a man that works at our church and has known my family for a long time. He lives close to me in my village and I see him sometimes and we talk about my life and stuff and he sometimes see me together with my mom and we do fun stuff together. I like him a lot.
  8. Yes, I can relate to your situation too. My dad left us when I was very little. I have a man thats been close to our family that is my sort of mentor now and the closest to a dad Ive ever had, and yes, I have been brought up with spanking as an option too.
  9. They are allowed in my school and lots of girls wear them. What would happen if your parents found out you did wear them out?
  10. Yes, that sounds like a good way to avoid trouble. Ive had so many arguments with mom about my clothes I love yoga pants but she don't like them at all..
  11. I started using make up when I was 13. My mom thought I overdid it and we had some fights about it but that is no problem now.
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