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Welcome to the Raising Girls Forum!

With nearly 500,000 visitors, 118,000+ posts, and thousands of topics, we are the number one discussion forum on the subject of raising girls! 
This is a support and discussion forum for those interested in raising girls in a conservative and traditional manner. We discuss loving punishments, including spanking, in a manner that's supportive of parents and girls. We focus on the positive aspects of discipline and how discipline helps build a girls' self-esteem and happiness.
We believe that discipline without love is pointless and that ineffective or non-existent discipline is neglect. 
We believe that spanking can be an effective and beneficial form of discipline when given with love and care.
We support parents who spank and girls who get spanked, as long as such punishment doesn't abuse or belittle the girl.
We support non-physical forms of punishment as long as it doesn't abuse or belittle the girl.
We believe that all girls deserve to be raised in a family where they are encouraged to flourish.
We believe that all girls should be encouraged to be a part of groups that build their self esteem and provide discipline, such as sports groups, school groups, and church groups.
Please join us if you share these beliefs. Please don't join us if you don't, because you won't be happy here.
We are particular about who we accept as part of our community, and we don't tolerate drama, trolls, or role players here!
For more information or to report a problem with your account: Jonathon@raisingchristiangirls.com


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